5 Horror Stories From the MyFriend’s Office

Ghost stories are a must for Halloween. Whether it would be through movies, sitting by the campfire, or even in our office! Maybe it’s because we might feel a sense of rush after hearing these chilling stories. The mental image sure sticks to us (especially when we have to close our eyes in the shower…) But these feelings are enjoyed by many! 👻

Whether the stories are true, purely wives’ tales, or genuine paranormal stories, everyone must have encountered something. All of these stories have different settings, but the office where we work might be the place to store it all! Today, MyFriend has compiled all of our own creepy stories from the office for you all to read.

Remarks: All of this content has been created for entertainment purposes, please proceed with caution!

The Mystery After Hours 

A is someone who went home late from the office. Once the lights are turned off, the keyboard sounds are still clacking, and the rhythm is different from the familiar coworker typing sounds. Then, there were sounds of random objects moving, similar to a dragging sound… echoing across the room. The sound from the ceiling (where we usually blame our upstairs neighbors) started to get louder. So loud, our coworker had to run outside of the office! This happened many times to different people who went home late. So now we have a theory about the Work-Life balance ghost. Maybe it was a soul from an office worker who worked so hard, that they didn’t know what work-life balance was, so they scared us away! That way, we don’t have to haunt the office afterward, and we can go home peacefully every day… 👻

The Unknown Shadow 

Other than working at the office, sometimes the MyFriend team has to go out into the real world for a few events! But once the moon rises, we have to pack our things and return them to our second home (the office). The air felt unnerving, full of discomfort and caution. It’s pitch black in the office, where B and C had to return all the event materials. There wasn’t much concern, since it was part of the job; once everything was returned, B had to use the restroom – so C was left alone. C was turning off all the lights to wait to leave with B, but they noticed some shadows moving in the pitch-black meeting room. Surrounded by a mirror and glass, C felt stunted and was unable to move. At that moment, B came out of the restroom and exited the area by waving away the curtains! That was the moment C realized that the movement was from B all along… 👻

The 13th Member During Karaoke 

Other than our parties in the office, the MyFriend team loves to party! One of the activities we’ve recently done was a karaoke session! We have more than one singer in the office, so of course, it was a blast. The last time we went, there were over 12 members of the team participating, singing their hearts out. When we counted initially, it was 12 people! But the receipt said we had 13 friends joining us… We were sure we counted 12, and of course, the extra friend had to result in the super lucky number, 13. Maybe we had an uninvited guest who also wanted to sing their souls out. 👻

The Strange Smell on Monday 

We have an adorable lady who comes to help clean up our mess at the MyFriend office. Every Friday is the day she comes to help us, so there are no remainders that might accumulate unwanted odors during the weekend. But on one eventful Monday morning, D came to the office before everyone else, and he was surprised to find that there was such a pungent smell coming from the trash. It’s weird because the trash is always taken away on Friday… Once he took a look in the bin, there was nothing there! So where else did the smell come from? 👻

The Peculiar Jokester of the Office 

It can be said that having a blast is engrained in the MyFriend Team’s DNA. That’s why it’s always fun at the office! That day, E went into the bathroom and suddenly all the lights were turned off! We usually don’t play cheap jokes like that, but E wasn’t surprised either. Once she found her way out of the darkness, she tried to interrogate who the jokester was, who pulled the prank on her. But everyone was so focused on work, that she realized no one was pranking her at all! She asked but everyone insisted that no one went to the bathroom, it was only her. At the same moment, our beloved cleaning lady walked out of the meeting room after dusting it up, followed by her little daughter who was running around and giggling… and that’s how she found out who pranked her! 👻

That’s it for our 5 Mysterious Horror stories from MyFriend! 😆 Similarly to ghost stories or mysteries that people have read or heard about, most of them need embellishments to enhance the narrative for added enjoyment! However, it’s worth mentioning that every story has its foundation in real events in our office for sure! We hope that this year everyone will have a Halloween that’s loads of fun, both with colleagues at work and with beloved pets! 🧟‍♂️🐺

💬 What about your office? Are there any goosebump-inducing stories you’d like to share? Let us know!

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