Meet MyFriends! Ploy and Patrick the Cavy

Love doesn’t have a timeline! Even on vacation, you can fall in love with a dog with their puppy eyes and long coat! A cute face is sure to make anyone swoon, and that’s exactly what happened with K. Ploy, a proud mother of a Cavalier King Charles breed named Patrick!

With their long and luscious coat, the Cavalier King Charles has a special need for someone who can care for their luscious locks. Today, K. Ploy gives us useful tips in taking care of a beloved companion so they are happy and healthy! Plus, there are also pawsome tips for those who want to welcome a pupper into their life. Let’s see what they are!

Please introduce yourself and your furry friend 

My name is Ploy, and this is Patrick. He’s a 2-year-old Cavalier.

Why did you pick this breed? 

I was abroad and I saw this breed with their parents, and they looked so cute! And always looked sleepy like this guy, so I like it.

Why did you name him Patrick?

Well, we have a pet’s name that starts with a C and now we wanted a P, so Patrick it is.

Are they really sleepy like you said? 

Yes, sleepy all day!

Taking care of a Cavalier

It mostly has to do with nourishing their fur and coat. They need a lot of brushing and sometimes supplements as well. The issue mainly comes from their fur and their ears also get yeast infections quite frequently.

Do you like to take him out socializing often?

Yes, because I feel like they are so cute when they mingle! The pet parent community is also very helpful with tips and tricks about caring for them.

Anything for the audience? 

If you’re interested in caring for a dog, please research the breed and their genetically susceptible diseases. You should also have time for them. And I’d like to give Patrick an Instagram shout-out at @patrickthecavy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small breed of dog with a short face and breed-specific health issues such as heart disease and neurological conditions like Syringomyelia. It is important for everyone to be aware of these health risks if you intend to raise a dog of this breed, so you can be prepared to handle any health problems that may arise and take care of them properly, including treating them if they contract any illnesses.

If you’d like to follow the cuteness of Patrick and your other furry friends, you can follow them on Instagram: @patrickthecavy!

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