Meet MyFriends! Corgi in the Garden – Corgi Cafe in Bangkok!

Corgis are a breed that is recognizable anywhere you go! No matter where you spot them, they’re easy to differentiate from other breeds. With their stubby legs, thick torsos, and healthy stance, plus, their faces kind of resemble foxes! With their bubbly personality and intelligent nature, alongside their adorable physical appearance, it’s no wonder why the Pembroke Welsh Corgi or the Cardigan Welsh Corgi captured all pet lovers’ hearts.

For sure, K. Pu is one of those who fell into the Corgi love spell. From the humble hobby of being a Cafe Hopper and Dog Lover, she transformed her passion into a career in the form of a dog cafe, with a special Corgi twist! Today, MyFriend is taking you on a mini-cafe hopping session at Corgi in the Garden. A Corgi cafe in the Thonburi area that’s ready to show off its cuteness! Let’s take a dive in!

Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Pu, Tanchanok Kanawong, and I own Corgi in the Garden Cafe.

The Beginning & Conceptualization 

The beginning of our cafe started with my love for dogs. Plus, I love cafe hopping. I enjoy coffee and going to cafes, so I thought to combine the two, and that’s how Corgi in the Garden started.

Here we have both coffee and non-caffeinated drinks. We also have tea, and we only pick the finest ingredients for our drinks. I really recommend imported Japanese tea.

What Made You Fall in Love with Corgis?

Well, it started with their cute physical appearance. Little chubby, stumpy, short legs with a bubble butt! They are so cute physically! So after l got to take care of them, they are also adorable in their personality! They are super smart and affectionate.

What Should Corgi Pawrents Know? 

I’d say you should research their personality and everything Corgi-related beforehand. Just to see if they will fit into your lifestyle, caring for them. For example, you think they’re small…But they are packed with power. They need to exercise every day, so you should have time for daily walks.

How Many Corgis at The Cafe?

At the cafe, we have over 20 Corgis. They stay here, and there’s the shop portion, and where they rest.

Rules at The Cafe

At our cafe, the first thing is we don’t allow other pets to enter. Just to avoid any confrontations they might have, and any potential dangers. It’s not safe for the customer’s pet and our Corgis. If you come, we have an entrance fee of 350 baht, with a free drink. After that, we ask our customers to take off their shoes, and we will have foot covers as well. Please wash your hands before playing with the dogs. We also ask our customers not to use their feet to play with them, not to do flash photography, and not to wake any of the dogs that are sleeping.

Do We Have to Book?

For everybody who wants to come in, you can walk in. We don’t have limited rounds, and there’s unlimited time.

Are They Only Cafe Dogs?

I consider all of them my family. Our cafe is on Kanlapaphruek Road, which is far from the city center. But customers can come with a little traveling. We decided to situate here because it’s near my house. It’s like opening my home for customers to play with the dogs. We have 20 Corgis and take care of all of them like family. They are not just cafe dogs, but they are also a part of the family.

Corgi Care Tips

For us, because they meet customers 6 days a week, we shower them every week. Every morning, they need to brush their teeth and groom their fur. It’s another method to keep them healthy and clean. We use premium-grade food for them as well.

Anything for The Audience? 

Corgi in the Garden has 20 Corgis. As for the cafe itself, it’s on Kanlapaphruek Road, you can come and play with over 20 Corgis here!

We also have small souvenirs with our logo on it. Everything is based on our shop’s logo, we have shirts, paper clips, magnets, caps, and cups.

Although we can sense the lively and fun atmosphere at Corgi in the Garden from the visitors and the adorable Corgis themselves, we can also sense the smiles and happiness that fills the air with joy. Plus, they have amazing drinks which is the cherry on top of the whole experience!

MyFriend would like to thank K. Pu and her team welcomed us to their cafe 💖 if you are a fan of the short-legged adorable Corgis, you can not miss Corgi in the Garden. If you have any questions or further inquiries, you can contact the cafe via the following channels. 👇

Facebook: Corgi in the Garden คาเฟ่หมาคอร์กี้

Instagram: @corgiinthegarden

Google Maps: Corgi in the Garden

Curious about who else we’re going to introduce you to? Stay tuned for next week’s Meet MyFriends!

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