Shop for Your Furry Friends: Must-Have Essentials from Altimate Pet, iPET, Tail Wagger, and Mafia Cat.

Good news for animal lovers. There are hot new brands coming to MyFriend Shop! Top-quality pet products that prioritize your furry friend’s comfort and happiness. From Altimate Pet’s potty pads to iPET’s gentle grooming solutions, Tailwaggers delicious dog treats, and Mafia Cat’s odor-eliminating cat litter, we’ve got it all. Treat your pet to the best explore our range today! 🐾🐱🐩🏡🍪

Altimate Pet


👀 If you’re in search of potty pads and pet diapers that are safe and fragrance-free, we’ve got a great solution for you! Check out Altimate Pet on MyFriend Shop, our trusted friend that offers potty pads with some fantastic features. These pads are designed for quick absorption, they’re leakproof and have a multi-layer design that turns urine into gel. Your pet’s comfort and quality of life are a top priority!

Here’s a sweet deal: Buy up to 1,500 THB worth of products and enjoy free shipping. Happy pet parenting! 🐾🐶🐱 Shop now!

Check out Altimate Pet at MyFriend Shop!




iPET is built on the belief that your pets deserve the best! A pet hair coat that’s not only effective but also gentle and safe for your beloved dogs and cats.

🌿 100% Natural Extracts, ❌ No Parabens, 🧴 Alcohol-Free, 🚫 No Harmful Chemicals.

📦 Plus, as a token of our appreciation for your trust in iPET, when you buy up to 800 THB worth of iPET products, you’ll enjoy free shipping! We want to make it easy for your pets to experience the care and love that iPET brings to their grooming routine. Shop now on the MyFriend Shop for exclusive offers!

Check out iPET at MyFriend Shop!


Tail Wagger


At Tail Wagger, all pets deserve the very best treats. 🦴🐩 Tail Wagger Bakery specializes in crafting wholesome biscuits with a delightful range of flavors, including hearty oats 🌾, delightful pumpkin 🎃, crunchy carrots 🥕, and nutritious broccoli 🥦. Each flavor is carefully chosen and unique for health benefits ensuring that your beloved pet stays happy and healthy. 🐾 Apply code TWHLW to get 20% off, minimum spend 500 THB with free shipping! 🚚💨 From 1 October 2023 to 31 October 2023 only!

Check out Tail Wagger Shop at MyFriend Shop!


Mafia Cat


Looking for a variety of scents to choose from for your cat litter? Look no further than Mafia Cat shop! The shop offers cat litter with four delightful scents: Coffee ☕️, Lemon 🍋, Baby Powder 🧴, and Charcoal 🖤. Not only does cat litter smell fantastic, but they are also safe for your beloved pets. providing you with a product that offers:

  • Outstanding odor control 🌬️
  • Effective antibacterial properties 🦠
  • Robust and compact clumping 🐾
  • An impressive 99.5% dust-free formula 💨

Give your cat the best with Mafia Cat’s cat litter. Your home will smell amazing, and both you & your pet will thank you for it! 🐾🏡🌟 Shop now!

Check out Mafia Cat at MyFriend Shop!


🎉🐾 Your furry friend’s comfort and happiness are top priority, and these fantastic pet brands are here to make it happen. Whether it’s cozy potty pads from Altimate Pet, gentle grooming with iPET, delicious dog cakes from Tail Wagger, or fragrant cat litters by Mafia Cat, we’ve got your pet covered. Give your beloved companion the love and care they deserve to explore these amazing products today! 🐶🐱💖

For animal lovers who want to add even more new members to the app family. We invite everyone to be a part of welcoming and adding fun to these new friends! See you on the MyFriend App! 😻📲

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