Kru Kai Kaew: Mystical Sculptures and Controversial Rituals

In recent times, a peculiar ritual involving sculptures with red eyes, red claws, protruding beaks, and large wings, which could be interpreted as angelic or demonic, has gained attention. You might have seen news covering this topic online. This sculpture known as “Kru Kai Kaew,” is venerated by some as “enlightened teachers” or even “mythical beings,” believed to bring blessings and good fortune to those who worship him. However, the act of worshiping these sculptures has raised eyebrows due to its eerie and unsettling nature. This has led to online discussions in Thailand, questioning whether this phenomenon is a form of “ghost worship” or “demon worship.”


The Escalating Opposition

As the controversy intensifies, followers of “Kru Kai Kaew” have posted online about performing “rituals” involving the sacrifice of animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits, along with announcements of purchasing these animals for the sole purpose of offering them in worship. There have also been instances where people were asking where they could get kittens and puppies for sale on Facebook Groups, in order to buy them for the sacrificial ceremony – and fellow believers suggested other Facebook Groups (that were dedicated to adopting strays) as a solution.


Dr. Sillachai Chaowcharern, a religious scholar, expressed his concerns by stating, “People who engage in such activities are not seeking spirituality. They are looking for assistance from supernatural forces to address urgent issues in their lives.”


This statement highlights the growing discord within Thai society regarding the ethical implications of these rituals, especially when they involve the sacrifice of innocent animals. The act of animal sacrifice has sparked outrage among animal rights advocates and the general public, leading to increased opposition to these practices.


The Ethical Dilemma

The controversy surrounding “Kru Kai Kaew” rituals raises important ethical questions about the treatment of animals and the boundaries of religious or spiritual practices. Sacrificing animals for the sake of spiritual pursuits is a contentious issue globally, and it has triggered concerns over animal cruelty and the infringement of animal rights.


It is essential to emphasize that these rituals involving animal sacrifices are not condoned by those who value the welfare of animals. The well-being and ethical treatment of animals should always be a paramount consideration in any religious or spiritual practice.


When it comes to belief, it can be a difficult landscape for discussion – belief is a fundamental aspect of the human experience and identity. Every belief deserves respect and consideration. However, when there are innocent lives at stake, the conversation and discussion become much muddier. While cultural and religious traditions are a crucial part of the enrichment of culture, it’s also important to uphold ethical principles that protect and prioritize the welfare, as well as the rights of all living beings. Setting the balance between respecting belief and safeguarding the well-being of those affected by these practices is a crucial aspect in fostering a more compassionate and inclusive society for all, across species.


The “Kru Kai Kaew” rituals, with their unsettling sculptures and the controversial practice of animal sacrifice, have ignited a heated debate in Thai society. While some continue to venerate these sculptures for perceived blessings, others question the morality of sacrificing innocent animals in the name of spirituality.


It is crucial to remember that there are alternative ways to seek spiritual fulfillment and address life’s challenges without resorting to practices that harm animals. Society should encourage ethical and compassionate approaches to spirituality while respecting the rights and welfare of all living beings. The controversy surrounding these rituals serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding ethical standards in religious and spiritual practices, ensuring that no harm comes to those who cannot speak for themselves – like our animal friends.



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