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Imagine a restaurant that comes to life at night with colorful lights and the sound of loud music. It may not be the first place that comes to mind as pet-friendly, given that the environment might not be entirely suitable for our furry friends. However, for many who have well-behaved pets and enjoy socializing with fellow humans without being bothered by the bustling atmosphere, bringing their four-legged companions along can be quite an experience for everyone!

At Brewave, a restaurant dedicated to bringing families and friends together, there are many pet-loving parents who are excited to include their fur babies in the festivities, even if they can’t enjoy the delicious human food. This has led to a policy at Brewave that welcomes all forms of life! Today, MyFriend sits down with K. Wai, the manager of Brewave to discuss their genuine commitment to customer care and adapting to customer behavior.

Please introduce yourself and where we are!

Hi, I’m Wai and I’m the manager at Brewave

Our concept is based on the intention to be a family-friendly venue where you can have lunch, dinner, or a party with your friends. We have Thai, Chinese, and European cuisine. Our food is pretty rich in flavor and might be strong. Like our European dishes will have an intensity for Thai people.

Recommended Menus 

Has to be the Brewing Chicken Wings! It’s the owner’s recipe with honey mustard, everyone loves this. Our frequent customers love the wings and drinks, or other imported foods.

Does the owner have their own recipe?

Yes, they created their own recipe and menu. From the marination to the sauce, every menu was created by the owner, the ingredients, and everything were from the creator of Brewave.

The Brewave Community

Our focus is so that friend groups, and families, can join and enjoy a meal together. Once there are a lot of groups coming, they might like to party or drink, they adjust the atmosphere of our shop to be more fun, inviting, and great for partygoers. We adjust our environment with the lighting, so with the live music and everything, it feels like you’re going out – with great food.

Other than families and friends, or partygoers, we face a lot of customers calling in to ask us, or even inboxing us about the possibility of bringing their pets. We allow them too!

There was one instance where our customer came to have dinner and they brought two dogs. We found out they left the two dogs in the car because they were afraid to bring them in, but we told them it’s allowed.

So we created a rule that we’d greatly appreciate it if your pets are in strollers, so they’re not roaming around randomly. They can be beside you or where you’re eating. Because once it’s later during the night, there might be issues related to noise, and partying. But that’s not the biggest concerning factor because in all of our shops, from the Kanjana – Bang Khae to the Ratchaphruek area, there will be a zone near the stage where it’s quite noisy, so your pets might be startled. There are other zones farther away, and it’ll be more peaceful. Some customers bring their children, some newborns, but if they want to eat our food or enjoy some drinks, they are welcome as well. There are zones with lesser noise pollution around.

The reason behind the Pet-Friendly venue? 

The reason why we decided to become pet-friendly was due to management. Since it’s a lot of adapting to situations, each day, week, month, quarter, we’ll encounter something. So we realized that customers want to eat dinner, but they might not be able to leave their pets or go outside much. They might want to bring their furry friends, so we have to say we’ve adapted to our customer base. They might call in to ask, so we allowed it because we see that there’s an opportunity there. We welcome them with no issues, but we try to set some rules. Sometimes pet parents let their pets roam around, but we ask that they stay in the trolley, but we allow them in. Because nowadays, pets are part of the family! Just like a child, a little sibling, something like that.

After we allowed pets into the venue, from my observations, pets join us around once to twice a week. If we look at it from the month’s perspective, it’s a considerable amount. Usually, they are our frequent customers, and there are a few newcomers as well, they learn about us through different media and that we’re pet-friendly.

We just ask that they remain in their trolleys. If you’ve reserved a spot or just a walk-in, it’s fine. But just as a reminder. As well as cleanliness, if your pet suddenly has to go, we have an area surrounding the shop and entrance. We ask all pet parents to help with hygiene and pick up things so they’re orderly.

Anything for The Audience? 

We would love to invite you! From friend groups who love to party, or whoever, we are open every day of the week. Seven days. Our branch in Kanjanapisek opens from 10 until midnight.

If it’s our Ratchaphruek, Robinson Ratchaphruek Lifestyle, we’re open from 4 p.m. to midnight. We’re also opening up our latest branch at Montien Hotel Rama 3, the view is also right by the river! But it’s not pet-friendly (yet).

For those who appreciate a combination of colorful lights, good music, and genuinely delicious food, Brewave extends a warm welcome to all. However, before bringing your furry companions along, make sure they are comfortable and relaxed in the restaurant’s environment. Don’t forget to check with the specific branch’s Facebook page for confirmation.

MyFriend would like to express our gratitude to Brewave and K. Wai for their warm welcome. We had the chance to discuss the story behind this late-night establishment, which values not only humans but also our four-legged friends! Beyond its delectable dishes, Brewave offers a delightful experience that goes beyond mere words.

Let’s see who else we introduce you to next week! Follow us to stay updated!

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