Meet MyFriends! Elle and Her Furry Companion, Mee Kieow!

They say pets are our best friends, and for Elle, a talented Brand Manager and former Content Writer at MyFriend, this couldn’t be more true. In 2022, during an interview at the Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Chulalongkorn University (CUVET), Elle’s life took an unexpected turn when she met her beloved senior cat, Mee Kieow, a charming Thai Domestic Shorthair that spent his whole kitten-and-adult life in a shelter. Today, Elle and Mee Kieow are inseparable, proving that senior pets deserve a chance at a loving home. Let’s dive into the heartwarming tale of Elle and Mee Kieow and discover the joy and companionship they share.

Please introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Elle, I’m a content writer here at MyFriend. I have one cat that’s sniffling about here, Mee Kiaow, this year he’s 20, he’s an old one.

What’s it like being a Pet Content Writer?

As a Content Writer, the basics of it all apply, and that’s just researching and summarizing so readers can easily understand what we’re trying to say, educate, or convey.

The content creation here at MyFriend is similar, but we focus on pets as the main priority. Before I had Mee Kiaow, when I was first at MyFriend, I didn’t have him. So you don’t need to have experience being a pet parent before writing pet content.

Before, I never had any pets at all. My mom is terrified of dogs, so when I first started at MyFriend, I went to interview Meet MyFriends! Just like this, and went to the small animal hospital in Chula. They had a shelter for sick cats or strays. I then met Mee Kiaow, then I became a pet parent – that was only the middle of last year.

Is it boring just writing about pets?

This is another common question I get. Usually, content writing jobs are all quite similar, but writing just about pets? If we just think about the word “pets” we just think about health topics, foods, and all that. But if we really look at the world trends and news topics, we can always adjust them to the topic of pets! That’s why it’s not just limited to pets, and this is what makes content writing fun. This way of thinking can be applied to all types of content.

If we work at a specific company, where there’s not a lot of content variation, when we think this way, we will always be entertained.

Do you ever write content about Mee Kiaow?

Honestly, I’ve never. But once this is released then yes!

I’ve never written anything about Mee Kiaow, but last year, around mid-year, there was content related to the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Month, reminiscing furry friends who’ve passed on.

And Mee Kiaow is an old cat, I got him when he was already old, so when I was writing the content for that month, it took longer than usual. Because the content hit home for me. It was quite sad, like how to prepare your pets leaving you, and while writing, I just felt like it took so much more concentration because it was so sad. I felt like I was writing pieces that related to Mee Kiaow.

Does caring for Mee Kiaow help with work?

A bit, it’s like, before I had him, I feel like I wrote all the content in a third person perspective, I just researched, wrote, and that was it. But once I had him, I felt more driven by the content and started to understand pet parents more.

I do think it helps so much. It might not directly help with the job, but since he started living with us, since the first month, my mom told me she noticed my mental health improving like I was happier. I took a look at myself and honestly felt the same way.

Before this, I was really short-tempered, easily agitated, and super moody all the time. But once I had Mee Kiaow, with a pet, if I come downstairs and see him in the morning, or when he greets me upstairs, I feel like it’s such a positive start to the day. It’s such a cute way to start. So once the first step is right, the other steps just simply follow along with happiness.

Your daily routine with Mee Kiaow

In the morning, before going to work, when everyone is still sleepy, Mee Kiaow will go up to the room and cry for us, then he’ll slowly escort each of us downstairs. Everyone gets their own escort crew. Then he’ll be happy and satisfied. He won’t scatch the door, but he’ll call out. If we open the door, he’s just there like “hello!” and will walk us until the end of the stairs. When we sit at the sofa, he’ll come give us some love, and we have to play with him, or else he’ll cry out! He’s a little old fussy man.

Anything else for the audience?

I’ll leave two things! The first being in the position as a pet parent, I started caring for Mee Kiaow when he was 11 years old, from the small animal shelter at Chulalongkorn.

When I first got him, I didn’t think of it much. I just thought the chemistry was there, but really, I want people to seek out pets from charities like this more, no matter cat or dog.

I understand that a lot of people prefer pedigree breeds, cute looks, no mixed breeds, but there are a lot of purebreds in shelters as well, who have been discarded. Consider this option.

Let’s say you want a cat. Statistically, black cats are the least adopted. But if you don’t really believe the old wives tale, consider a black cat for adoption. The same goes for elderly cats. Not many choose to adopt them because they prefer younger friends.

Another thing I’d like to add as a content writer at MyFriend is the MyFriend Magazine! MyFriend Magazine is a feature full of articles and other entertaining things about pets! We have Meet MyFriends! Interviews, and I’d like to leave our articles with everybody. Some topics might not be super entertaining, some a rough topics, but we all pour our hearts into it, to present it to every pet parent out there! We think they are topics you’d appreciate, or maybe even need. Thank you!

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Elle’s journey from a Meet MyFriends! interview at the CUVET to find her loyal companion, Mee Kieow, is a heartwarming story emphasizing the importance of giving senior pets, including other shelter pets, a chance at a loving home. Mee Kieow’s presence has enriched Elle’s life, and their bond is a beautiful example of the profound connection that can be formed between humans and animals. Elle and Mee Kieow’s story inspires us to embrace the love, wisdom, and companionship senior pets bring into our lives.

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