5 Myths Related to Tabbies and the Reason for their pattern!

“Tabbies are the cutest type of cats in the world”

Tabby cat owners

Our furry friends are the cutest pet on earth. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. The best and most beloved is no other than the furry creature in your arms. Apparently, tabby cats are one of the most common pets as well! With their adorable demeanor, affectionate nature, and cunning looks, coined with their unique prints and patterns, tabbies have a special place in our hearts. But what is their secret to capturing our hearts like this? Let’s find out 5 common myths about tabbies all pet lovers should know! 

1. Tabby Is a Pattern, Not a Breed!

Tabby cats, also known as grey tigers, are cats with special patterns all over or partially on their bodies. These patterns are created from the Agouti gene which was passed down from our furry friend’s ancestors, the African Wildcat! That’s why one strand of fur can hold many colors, resulting in the tabby pattern we know and love. 

Photo credit: Big Cats Wild Cats

2. True Tabbys Have an “M” on Their Head

Other than their iconic patterns, you can distinguish tabbies with the “M” on their forehead! This shows that they are a true, 100% tabby! Of course, it doesn’t really matter if they’re a true tabby or not, but it can definitely be added to their fun facts list! 

3. The Name “Tabby” Came From a Type of Silk!

The name Tabby came from the word “Attabiy” which is a quarter in the city of Baghdad, which is now the capital of Iraq. The reason for this? Because Tabbys have such silky and soft fur! With beautiful patterns just like the woven silks from Attabiy. Before the 14th century, the French used the word “Atabis” to call this silk, and it evolved into “Tabis” and eventually into the word “Tabby” in English! 

Photo credit: Catastic

4. Tabbys Have Many Colors and Patterns

We’re probably all familiar with tabbies that have black patterns on them, but tabbies come in all colors and breeds! Whether that would be black, brown, grey, or orange. Also, did you know all orange cats are tabbies? Other than that, they also come in multiple patterns we can’t even phantom! 

Photo credit: DailyPaws

5. Tabbies Bring Good Luck! 

It’s not just Thailand that believes Tabby cats bring good luck, and that they’re super talented at picking out the next lotto numbers! Their luck was especially renowned worldwide, as Egyptians used to believe Black tabbies were deities. In Middle Europe, it was believed that Tabby possessed magical powers! Till today, Japanese people still believe that Tabby’s can help new businesses do well, and in China, they can ward away evil spirits! 

That’s all for the 5 Tabby Myths you never knew before! Can’t wait to cuddle up with your cat? No matter what pet you have, we’re sure they are the cutest and most cuddly friends around town! Don’t forget to spend some good quality time together tonight. No matter which friend you have, let’s keep an eye out to see what are some of the secrets they’ve been hiding from us hoomans! 

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