Common Pet Health Issues During The Rainy Season

The rainy season might feel refreshing after the hot summer heat has been around for a while. But if we’re completely honest, we’re probably more weary about the floods that come along with the drizzle. Plus, if you’re a pet parent, some worries might cross your mind about your furry friends and how they’ll handle this change in weather. Whether your pets prefer to stay indoors and hide from the thunder, or love to roll around in the mud, a parent can’t help but worry! 

During these times when skies are dull and grim, along with the heavy wind and rainfall, come health issues that pets might experience! Their immunity lowers as the temperature and seasons change. But don’t worry! MyFriend is here to save the day! We’ve compiled a list of common health issues found in furry friends during this muggy season, and ways you can prevent these issues from occurring! 

Common pet health issues during the rainy season 

The rainy season in a tropical country might not be all cold and breezy. Although the temperature is lower, the humidity, dampness, and heat still persist. It might make it hard for both humans and animals to breathe, plus, there are health issues that might pop up. We’ve listed all the common pet health issues here! 

Ticks and fleas

We can definitely consider this to be one of the classic health issues for pets! The rainy season is a wet and warm welcome for ticks and fleas to come out and play. Our furry friends might feel extra itchy, and these little critters can also bring in many illnesses. Whether that would be an allergy to the ticks and fleas saliva, anemia, or Babesia blood parasite, among other complications, as well as skin diseases as well. 

Pet parents can protect them from the tiny predators with regular grooming, flea drops, making sure the living area and garden is spotless, especially getting rid of the stubborn weeds – clearing out the green areas, so sunlight and air can fully ventilate the space! These simple steps can help reduce the tick and flea population that’s hiding in the area. 

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Respiratory-related conditions and diseases

The change in weather, teamed up with the sticky and sweltering air full of moisture can cause respiratory problems in our furry friends. Pet parents have to look out for signs of Pneumonia, which is caused by an infection of the respiratory system. Depression, excessive tearing and snottiness, coughing, and audible or troubled breathing are the primary symptoms. 

Protecting your pet from Pneumonia or any related respiratory issues can be done by making sure they’re always dry. If they played around in the mist or rain, make sure to give them a warm shower and a little blowout session so they’re nice and clean! Although they might not be submerged in the rain, the moisture in the air might cause their fur to be tangled or damp. Pet parents should always check and clean their furry friends while blow drying their fur and coat. If your pets are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, immediately take them to the vet for further inspection. 


This is a critical and serious condition that doesn’t just affect humans, but also our beloved furry friends. Caused by the bacteria Leptospira spp. Which can be often found in rats and hot, humid, tropical countries. This bacteria is usually muddled up with rain and mud, and once it comes into contact with any open wounds or through ingestion, different organs will be affected. Whether it would be the liver, kidneys, nervous system, or circulatory system, the infected animal will experience high fever, lethargy, decreased appetite, and blood spots can be found along the mucous membranes. There may be severe anemia, or jaundice, depending on the severity of the infection, as well as your furry friend’s immune system. 

Everyone can prevent this from happening by taking their pets to their annual vaccination! The shot will help prevent five dangerous diseases such as measles, colds, hepatitis, enteritis, and leptospirosis. Don’t forget to make cleanliness your number one priority!

Upset Tummy

We know, it might not seem related at all right? But our pet’s gut health during the rainy season is no easy feat! Because of the high levels of humidity in the air, as well as the mist that comes with the rain, these things can contaminate their food and water! Digestive problems, an upset tummy, or Gastroenteritis are all the things that can come along with any food or drink contamination. 

Luckily, the solution is easy. Regularly change out their food and water, as well as clean the area your pets usually enjoy their food in. If you usually let them enjoy their meals outside of the house, let them indulge themselves by letting them eat indoors for this season. Switch up their food bowls with stainless bowls for easy cleaning, and making sure there’s no bacteria or germ accumulation! 

Skin and coat-related issues

Every time the sky cries out, dogs might not be able to help themselves and just catapult into the downpour. Cats used to the outdoors might sneak out to enjoy the world during the rain. But the most important thing for us to remember is cleanliness! Making sure their fur and coat are squeaky clean ensures that there won’t be any heat rashes that come with the hot humid weather. As well as washing and wiping down their paws, because that’s exactly where our furry friends come into contact with stale water and mud. 

Pet parents can prevent their friends from the wet rain with the cutest raincoats and rain boots. Even though they’re accompanied by these gadgets during their walkies, don’t forget to wipe down their paws and give them a little blow dry to make sure their fur is not damp!

Mental health is important too! 

When the rain comes, traffic usually follows. Especially in Bangkok! Although it’s a tiring trek home, you now have to take your furry friends out for walkies, and make sure their paws and fur are dry, alongside the other everyday essentials in your routine, don’t forget to continue doing the fun stuff! Mental stimulation is crucial for our pets, so they don’t feel down and depressed. 

Other than this, loud thunderstorms and scary lightning bolts might make them really scared. Stay and accompany them so they have you nearby! Maybe distract them with their favorite TV shows, or practice your favorite tricks so they don’t focus too much on the loud noises outside. 

Tips to protect your pet from health issues during the rainy season! 

  • Cleanliness is extremely important during this time. Showers and blow drying their fur and coat, as well as cleaning your living area and garden can immensely help with reducing bacteria and germ accumulation! 
  • If you can’t leave the house, try to find some fun activities to keep you guys occupied!

The rainy season might come with dangerous diseases and illnesses that can cause a lot of worry and anxiety in pawrents. Just make sure to prioritize cleanliness during this time of year! It’s also the time some pets love because of the cooler weather and all the mud they can roll around in! Our feline friends might also love the cozy days indoors just loafing around watching TV. So make sure to cherish this time you get to bond with them, as love is always around us! Don’t worry too much and spend time together, while you try your best to care for them! Putting in effort is more than enough! You’re doing a great job! 

This article is reviewed by the veterinarian from Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University (CUVET)

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