Meet MyFriends! Nikki & Ninja The Black Cat!

In a world brimming with the love and companionship shared between humans and their beloved pets, there are countless tales waiting to be told. Each bond is unique, weaving a tapestry of joy, adventure, and profound connection. There is no bond like the one between a pet parent and their beloved furry friend.

As the sun casts its golden glow upon a cozy living room, we find ourselves in the midst of a fascinating conversation with Nikki, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Peppina, a devoted pet parent and a passionate advocate for the well-being of our four-legged friends. With Ninja’s shy nature, we’re lucky to get a glimpse of her playfulness! Let’s learn more about their companionship in this interview!

How did you meet Ninja? 

So I was very clear I wanted to adopt a cat, so I went on to PAWS onto their Facebook page, and I was scrolling through the photos. I saw this gorgeous little cat in a photo from the previous May and thought, “She’s possibly still looking for a home.” So I sent them a message asking, “Is this beautiful black cat still available? Has anyone adopted her?” They replied that she was still there. So I made an appointment to go and see her, and she was terrified. She was so scared of all things, so she was already in her cat carrier and she cried all the way home. As soon as I got her out, she went and hid under the bed, was there for maybe four hours. And then all of a sudden it got to about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and she just jumped up on the sofa next to me and curled up, then went to sleep. Then, that night, it got to about 10 o’clock and she just trotted up, jumped on my bed and started meowing. It was obviously time for bed. And she slept on the pillow next to me. So took some photos and sent it to the guys at PAWS to let them know she’s settled in and she was okay.

Why Ninja?

The name was actually a name she already had when she came from PAWS, and I thought about changing it but it was very clear that she knows her name. She comes when you call her name, you can’t change someone’s name. I guess she was already two and a half when I adopted her. So you can’t change someone’s name when they’re already familiar with it. So, Ninja, it is, and it definitely suits her a lot.

How did you find out about PAWS?

I found out about PAWS just on social media. I think I’ve been following them for a very long time, you know, they do incredible work and there are so many stray cats in Thailand. It’s really important that when you want a pet, that you’re adopting a cat because there’re so many rather than going to a breeder. There are so many cats that need good home that need loving and looking after. I think PAWS doing an amazing job and I’m thrilled how well Ninja’s obviously being loved. I’m very lucky to have found her and that’s all thanks to PAWS.

A must-have for pet parents

In terms of your attitude, you’ve got to have the right attitude. Pets are their own beings. You can’t control a pet. They’re going to go and hide when they want. They’re going to wake you up when they want. They have their own schedule and so you have to be very aware of that and understand. You can certainly train pets to a certain degree, but you have to understand that you’re opening your house to a whole new living being and you have to have that flexibility.

In terms of actual things that you need to have in the house, Ninja is obsessed with her cat tree. She loves it. She loves climbing up. She likes being up high. I keep her up here so she can jump onto the cupboard as well. I think cats like to be up high so they can look over everything and they feel safe up there and they’re guarding their kingdom or my condo. So, no, she absolutely loves this.

In terms of toys, we have quite a lot of toys that she’s not that fused about, to be honest. Her favorite is the little mouse, quite a realistic mouse, which she loves. I have no idea where the mouse is. It’s under the bed probably somewhere. She takes it, hides it, and then comes back.

You can see I have these brightly colored hedgehogs and feathers. I have a second cat tree over that I had for months and she really wasn’t interested in that at all. So she got this one and she wouldn’t even let me out of the box before she was climbing on it. She loves little cat scratches to play it with as well. And then I think also just free range of the house. Normally she can go whenever she wants. You can’t have a pet in my opinion and not let them go where they want to go. If they want to come in the bedroom, they can come in the bedroom. If they want to sleep in the bed, they’re going to sleep in the bed. This is her four walls. So, yeah, this is her territory for sure.

Does she like Catnip?

She is not that big a fan of catnip, actually. It’s funny. I’ve lived with other people who have pets and the cats are either obsessed with it or they’re really very ambivalent. She’s okay with it. We’ve had it before, but she’s not so fussed about it, to be honest. So we avoid it because there’s not much need for it.

Ninja’s quirks 

She is extremely sociable. She normally loves people. She likes to meet new people. She is very affectionate, but it has to be on her terms, which is fair enough. That’s the same for everyone, right? She is very emotionally needy as well. Like, she’ll come and like, last night when I got home, she came and she lay on my chest and basically went to sleep there the whole night. And she likes to do that, but she likes her space as well. So, you know, some nights she might sleep in the bed with me. Other nights she’ll be in the other room. And that’s, you know, you have to let them go where they want

Tips for a pet parent

I think it’s just really important when you’re a pet parent that you understand that you are taking on a long-term responsibility. I am in my 40s now. This is my first pet as an adult. Because you have to be aware that she could live until she’s in her 20s. I hope she does. I hope she lives forever. But this is a long-term commitment, and I think it’s understandable when you’re living overseas, especially as an expat, that people want a pet for companionship. But you have to be really aware of the rules to take it back, to take your pet back to your country or your next posting or wherever you go next. So I think, especially for an expat, I think that’s really, really important. I think also just to remember that cats are their own beings, their own people, and they’re going to do what they want regardless. So you really can’t control a pet. They’re going to do whatever they want, and you just have to roll with it and co-exist with that. So I think it’s a very good lesson in consent, to be honest, to understand that pets want attention when they want attention and when they don’t. So yeah, I think that’s really important as well.

In a world where love knows no boundaries, let us honor the Nikki-Ninja duo and all the pet parents and their cherished companions who illuminate our lives with their presence! We’d like to thank K. Nikki for welcoming us with open arms and letting us get to know her and her beloved Ninja better!

Black cats are often misunderstood, but after our heartwarming interview with Nikki & Ninja, we can see they’re just misconceptions. So let’s embrace the magic, celebrate the joy, and cherish the extraordinary bond that we share with our beloved pets!

Let’s see who we introduce you to, on next week’s episode of Meet MyFriends! Stay tuned!


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