How Pets Help us Accept Unconditional Love

Pets are like family! They love us unconditionally and prove this to us by enthusiastically greeting us the evening after work, making sure we feel better when we’re a little sad, or the lazy days spent loafing around in each other’s company.

If they’re ever sulking, a few treats and head scratches are bound to do the trick. Asking for forgiveness, compassion, and grace is not a daunting task, but a given with our beloved pets. They’re always ready to give us the benefit of the doubt. At least to us, that is what unconditional love is. Let’s get to know what unconditional love is, how our furry friends teach us by showing, and how we can start to accept this into our everyday lives!

What’s unconditional love?

As humans, we are creatures filled with emotions and a desire to be heard. Especially in a world where development has gone far past our biology, we’ve found ourselves disconnected from each other – in a time where the world has been more connected than ever.

We often don’t realize how important unconditional love is. Children that are brought up with unconditional love experience less better stress resilience, better health, stronger self-esteem, and better brain development. But there are various factors that stop us from giving and even receiving unconditional love. From past experiences, expectations, and cultural norms, to our childhood, many of us still struggle with accepting ourselves.

Unconditional love does not mean that it comes without boundaries or limitations. We can give our love without any expectations, but if the love is harming us, then we have to know our own emotional and physical limits and capabilities as well. Because after all, how can we give love to others if we have yet given it to ourselves?

Providing unconditional love means that you love without expecting anything in return, but if the love is harming you, then it’s possible to love from a distance! At the end of the day, you have to love yourself first. Pets can help you understand and accept unconditional love better by just being their honest, loyal, and adorable selves.

How pets give us unconditional love

Unconditional love is the selfless act of loving with full acceptance, and without expecting anything in return. Usually, this type of love is paired or explained with the love a parent has for their child or couples in romantic relationships we see on screen. But what about the unconditional love we get from our pets?

No matter what our background is, whether that would be financial, ethnicity, education, or whatever makes up your experiences, a pet will love you no matter what. It doesn’t matter what your appearance or circumstances are, as long as you are treating them with respect and providing whatever you can to the best of your abilities, animals can sense that commitment and love, and they are sure to return it as best they can. Whether it would be through their loyalty, protection, or their little tail wags!

Our furry friends can sense when we’re feeling blue. It’s their little superpower! Not only sense it, but they also try to make us feel better. In times of loneliness, stress, or when life throws us a little curve ball, our furry friends are there to help us catch it. We all have different thresholds of stress. Sometimes, spilling coffee in the morning can ruin our entire day – on others, a serious letter sent by mail might do the trick. But no matter how big or small the lemon life has thrown, our pets are there by our side. They don’t care that what happened might feel minute, or that you have an unreasonable reaction to a situation. All they know, and really care about, is what you are feeling. They sense that big emotions are at play, and will do whatever it takes to make you smile again! It could be their little tricks, bringing you a little gift, or simply just laying by your side. For those who are struggling with self-acceptance or embarking on a self-development journey, a furry friend will surely be someone you can confide in.

How pets help us accept unconditional love

Having a pet is associated with several physical and mental health benefits. From boosting our happy hormones, reducing anxiety, and lowering rates of depression, to our healthy hearts! Pet owners have been found to experience lower blood pressure and a decreased heart rate. Read more about pets and how they benefit our health!

From being less stressed, because of the reduction of the hormone Cortisol, we also feel more open and receptive to accepting love. We are the reflections of our own minds, and when we are bombarded with all the stresses in life, it can be hard to have a good view and grasp relationships. It has been reported that stress can negatively affect relationships – because we tend to keep the stress to ourselves, making it difficult for others to truly understand and provide support. This can stem from various reasons, like not wanting to burden our loved ones with issues, but that’s exactly how the negative cycle begins. Being less stressed in life makes us more open to talking, more open with our own emotions, and therefore with others! Receiving unconditional love from our pets helps us improve our relationships with other humans as well.

Pets can help us practice developing healthier relationship patterns and communicating with our beloved ones.

By providing emotional support, we can have a network full of love and ears to listen to our problems, without us feeling like a burden. 

Receiving love can be tough – believe it or not. But pets help us better understand and open up to love that is free of any conditions! We need to feel heard, understood and loved to fully feel fulfilled in life. Without it, it’s like trying to fill an endless void. Our furry companions give us love and in turn, teach us how to love others, and most importantly, ourselves better. Have you given your pet a cuddle today? Maybe just a little pat on the head or some belly rubs? Let them know how much you love them! They don’t always ask for it, but they will surely appreciate it!

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