Can pets be gay?

What a question to ask, right?! Because humans can be gay, it is totally normal for you to be wondering if our closest mammal friends like dogs and cats can also be homosexual.

The first thing everyone should understand regarding this issue is “What does ‘being gay’ mean in the animal kingdom?”

In human sexual behavior, being gay means you are attracted to people of the same sex, but it could also vary depending on each person’s preferences. So, it is better not to compare humans’ sexual behavior to pets

People think their pets might be gay because they hump another same-sex friend. This is a misinterpretation of humping or mounting behavior of pets as sexual behaviors, when it actually could mean a lot of things. For example, both male and female dogs might want to mount other same-sex friends, play, release stress, or show their dominance. Humping is not all about mating. Other than mounting same-sex dogs, they can mount other things like furniture or human legs too!

In male cats, even though some are already sterilized, they might mount humans or other cats to show who’s boss! Grooming each other or sleeping together are also normal behaviors of cats.

As you can see, some dogs and cats have many behaviors that could be interpreted in the “hooman way”. That’s why we sometimes misunderstand their behavior. However, there is not enough evidence to support whether dogs or cats can be gay or not.

But we still love them no matter what, right?

Just like they love us without conditions because we are their favorite hoomans! 😍

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