8 Thai Celebrities in the LGBTQIA+ Community with Super Cute Pets!

Because variety is what makes life interesting and worth living! 🏳️‍🌈 In the land of smiles, the celebrities of the LGBTQIA+ community are all well-known and well-loved because of their unique characteristics and personality! But other than them, their pets are also off the charts when it comes to adorableness. They’ve successfully stolen our hearts! Let’s take a look at all the pet friends these Thai Celebrities have, and how much color, joy, and smiles they bring to our lives! 

Laila (Chermarn) Boonyasak (IG: @chermarn)

Superstar Ploy Chermarn is legendarily known, mention her name to any Thai, and without a doubt, you will immediately hear the sound of “ooooh!!” and guess what? She’s also a pet lover! Cherman has taken in many stray friends, and we occasionally get a little sneak peek into their lives!

Nisamanee Lertvorapong (IG: @nisamanee_nutt)

K.Nisamanee is a well-known influencer in the Thai beauty and fashion community! She has a background in competing in beauty pageant competitions, being a businesswoman and a YouTuber! Of course, everybody knows her! She has two adorable pets – a French Bulldog called Justin, and a little Sphynx named Kradook

Lalana Kongtoranin (IG: @jeab_lalana)

And here we have K. Lalana, also known as Doctor Jeab! Who has so many pets, you can basically call Jeab a mini-veterinarian! Jeab has a background as a doctor, actress, and model, and is also the former Miss Thailand! Whether it would be dogs, goats, pigs, ostriches, or even geckos! Sooner or later, Jeab’s house could be a mini-zoo! 

Loukgolf (IG: @loukgolflg)

There’s no doubt that there is only one well-known English tutor who teaches in Thai and English! Known for his amazing charm and a bubbly personality full of entertainment and enthusiasm, Loukgolf has to be the one on the throne. He has so many dogs, but his favorite (we guess) has to be Nong Summer! A copper-colored Thai ridgeback that has the no.1 priority in Kru Loukgolf’s heart!  

Pongsak Rattanapong (IG: @aofpongsak)

Pongsak Rattanapong is an incredible singer who began his career on the Academy Fantasia stage. Coined with his unforgettable character and quirks, we can’t help but smile every time we sense his presence! Alongside him are his sidekicks, three little dogs called Apollo, Uni, and Amy! 

Engfa Waraha (IG: @fa_engfa8)

Another well-known name, known for her journey in competitive beauty pageants as she also joined the Miss Grand Thailand 2022 competition. She’s also a singer, model, and traditional Thai ceremonial leader. Plus, K. Engfa also has the cutest Chihuahua named Geaw!

Flukkaron (IG: @flukkaron)

From a controversial social media influencer that was targeted for outspokenness, Flukkaron has bounced back in full swing, and she’s not just a pretty face! But she’s also incredibly talented, from fashion to walking on the runway, the international scene is also familiar to her! Fluke and her partner have one beloved pet together, who is an adorable white French Bulldog called Year! 

Pompam (IG: @theniti)

K.Pompam fell head over heels for Hollandlop Bunnies! So much so that he has over 4 friends chillin, munching away all the hay in his condo! Followers get a glimpse every morning of K.Pompam feeding his babies their breakfast! Wanna know more about Pompam and the four rabbits? We’ve interviewed him on a Meet MyFriends episode you can check out here!

Admit it now, who fell in love with these lovable characters and their fluffy friends? Although Thailand is well known for an accepting culture, where everyone can express themselves, their identity, and individuality compared to other countries, in the midst of all the smiles and colors, we still have many ways we can progress even further! To all Thais, no matter what gender or preferences, we can all help each other develop our country into a well-rounded society that is better equipped to give everyone the rights they deserve, for the growing community. We can do this by supporting same-sex marriage bills! 

Because everyone deserves the right to be themselves, to love fully in themselves, and where their heart leads, we believe the law should also reflect that as well! 

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