6 Ways to Include Your Pet In Pride Month Celebrations

The Stonewall Riots is considered one of the most important events that sparked the transformation of the LGBTQIA+ liberation movement. Happened on the 28 June 1969 in New York, USA, but the tradition lived on and every 28th of June is celebrated as Pride Day! Same-sex marriage has been accepted in several countries, and couples can finally legally legitimize their union and love! But still, many of those in the LGBTQIA+ community in other countries are still unable to celebrate their love and partnership. So we are still marching and fighting for the rights for everyone to freely express their love and individuality (including Thais in the LGBTQIA+ community as well).

Once the rainbow flag is hoisted up during June of every year, and we find ourselves in a world that is adorned with color and livliness! 🏳️‍🌈 June is pride month, and there will be events that occur all over the world to celebrate this. 🌈 Thailand is also joining in this special celebration with the Bangkok Pride 2023, and over 20 other provinces are also taking part simultaneously. 

This month, pet parents can bring their friends along to be part of the festivities! No matter what their pronouns, or even species are! 🐶🐱 Let’s take a look at how we can celebrate with our furry friends by our side during this special month!

Fun activities to celebrate Pride Month with your pets! 

Make Pride-themed snacks and goodies! 

What else is more refreshing than themed-food? Especially Pride themed! Whether it’s a fruit platter with several colors following the flag colors, rainbow icecream to refresh you from the heat, or Pride Smooties, a special recipe from MyFriend is also worth the try! 

Easy and Healthy Rainbow Smoothie to Celebrate Pride Month

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Dress up and take some photos to remember the moment forever! 

It’s the time to slay! If your pets are used to wearing clothes and accessories, try looking for a fresh and new addition to the wardrobe and take some adorable pictures together. You can transform your furry friends into the prince and princesses they are, or reuse fancy costumes from Halloween! But don’t forget, if your furry friends protest against any costumes by trying to take them off or looking super sad in them, you can just snap a picture before you let them take it off! They’re cute as they are anyways!

Fashionable Dogs with Rainbow Pride Flag

Host a pet-friendly pride party get together! 

The first rule of hosting a party is making sure everyone is having fun. As for rule 0, safety must come first during every event! Your party might have cute activities like a small bandana painting workshop for your furry friends, or a Lip Syncing contest inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race. You can have your own fashion show with your friends, or a mini-parade with all your pets and loved ones! Sounds like a fun time doesn’t it? Find a DIY craft you can do together!

For the crafty ones out there, maybe you can gather some supplies to create a simple but fun knick knacks with your pets! It could be printing their paws onto some clay, making cute scarfs for their collars, or even using peanut butter, plastic bags, and a few watercolor paints so they can create their own little masterpiece you can showcase in the living room!

Have you been hosting parties and doing DIY crafts all month and finally run out of things to do? Well, you’re not superhuman after all. Take some time off to rest, while still recognising and celebrating pride month with the following movies. Fill your heart with love, warmth, and maybe some tears but there are no need for tissues, your companion’s got you covered with kisses to make you feel better!

  • Love, Simon (2018)
  • Carol (2015)
  • Brokeback Mountain (2005)
  • Portrait of a Lady On Fire (2019)

Two girls at the beach, vintage style image, good moment and happiness

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Go and join the Pride Parade (or not?!)

The Pride Parade is an exciting event that feels fresh and new to us! It’s not unusual to want to experience this event with your furry friends in their best costume with their best paw forward! But please keep in mind that pets and the chaos that the world can bring might not be the best match! Although you might have a well-trained pet that’s used to people and big crowds, events like these can cause stress and anxiety to your little fur baby. Cats that are used to roaming the streets might get shoked by the crowd and people trying to pet them. When everything moves too fast, and things are a little too loud, our pets might feel scared. The best way is to keep them home while you support the community in the Pride Parade! 

Dog with Rainbow Pride Flag

Pride Month is definitely one of the most colorful festivities there is, masking the history that was full of hurt. Please don’t forget that the fight for the rights for those who just want to express their identity is still ongoing. This is everyone’s issue, not just those in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

MyFriend supports the LGBTQIA+ community and the love that we have for eachother, in no matter what form. Because everyone’s love and expression of it should be a human right. Love should be freely expressed, free of judgement and free of limitations that might have been drawn up by outdated societal standards, people, and laws. 

This year, the Bangkok Pride 2023 event will be hosted on the 4th of June 2023, from 14.00 – 20.00 and it will start at Lumphini Park, all throughout Ratchadamri road, and the path will lead to the Central World Square. There’s also more parades that are happening in over 20 provinces that will happen at the same time! You can check out the details and stay updated by checking out this link: naruemitpride.com

Pride Month, Pride Parade 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand, Pride Parade poster

Photo credit: Bangkok Pride

Everyone is welcomed to the parade! But keep in mind that your fur babies might want to stay home for this one. Better stay safe than sorry! 

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