7 Pets in Disney everyone loves!

In Pop Culture, when you mention any fairytales, your mind will automatically land on The Walt Disney Company! Filled with magical hopefulness and dreams that are made to be turned into reality, new innovations, and media are continuously being pumped out. Starting off as an animation studio for cartoons, Disney is now one of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world! From movies, series, and animations, to even theme parks, cute animals and pets have been alongside their adventures since their humble beginnings! It can even be said that every story bounds to have furry friends included!

Today, MyFriend is introducing you to some well-known characters and pets in the Disney world! 🐶🐱💫

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Mickey Mouse

One of the most iconic characters in Disney history! Just by his shadow, we can tell who he is! Mickey Mouse has his first appearance in 1928 in a black and white animation that was part of Steamboat Willie’s film, which was also voiced by Waltz Disney himself! 

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A cheeky, fluffy cat that was Teramaine’s family cat in Cinderella! He’s wicked and conniving, even without any dialogue, but his expressions and body language were that of humans! He loves to give Cinderella a hard time, and also play pranks on the two mice, Jaq and Gus throughout the film! From stealing beads to making the mice’s lives a whole lot more inconvenient, we have to remember that although we’re cheering Jaq and Gus on, Lucifer is just doing his job as the mouser he is!

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If we’re talking about Lucifer from Cinderella, how can we not mention Bruno? The Bloodhound has the dream and aspirations of catching Lucifer. Although he fails, Bruno has a much bigger task at hand! When Fairy Godmother turned him into the mighty stallion that has the role of escorting Cinderella to the ball, in the most important night of her life! 

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Among all the cats in The Aristocats, Marie is the most memorable kitty of them all. With her white fur and blue eyes, and her iconic pink bow, as well as her ladylike and little adorably spoiled nature, she is a hopeless romantic and daydreamer. This trait of hers has imprinted onto our minds, and we’re sure you’ve seen her before! DOn’t forget, she also has siblings like Toulouse and Berlioz too!

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Lady & Tramp

What else is more romantic than sipping spaghetti in a dodgy alleyway with your new sweetheart? The iconic scene from Lady and the Tramp has captured and melted our hearts. When the lady-like and sheltered pup, Lady, meets a stray Mutt, like Tramp, new love and romance started budding! He introduced her to a life full of freedom and where she can fully be herself! 

Photo credit: Disney Wiki

Cheshire Cat

The vibrantly cunning colored cat that never fails to have a smile plastered on from Alice in Wonderland is another iconic character we have to mention! From the mind-bending fairytale, he’s mischievous and unpredictable. Even when he’s helping Alice out, he also loves to cause mischief, keeping us viewers on our feet.

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The dog that represents such importance from COCO, although he has funny and amusing acts throughout the film, and he might seem a little aloof and goofy, he’s the dog that guides the way to the Land of the Dead, and he’s also Miguel’s most trusted companion. Dante is a memorable and important part of COCO, no less than any other character! 

Other than these 7 iconic friends we’ve introduced you to, Disney has a plethora of cute characters we all know very well. Such as the speaking dog named Doug from Up, or the Reindeer Sven from Frozen who just acts like a big dog with deer horns. Or the camera-loving Goose, the cat that stole our hearts from the super famous film, Captain Marvel, who also holds the universe’s secrets! 

Who’s your favorite friend from the list?! Disney lovers, don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 25th of November this year! Because the live action version of The Little Mermaid is premiering in Thailand! If you love this article, don’t forget to share with your friends and stay updated with our Pop Pet column every week!

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