Meet MyFriends! Aung with Milo & Ebony

Thank you, everyone, for having the MyFriend application on your phone, and for being by our side for all this time!

But wait… opening up the article with this line, you might wonder if the content team had a mix-up! But no, we mean to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you, there wouldn’t be MyFriend. While an app has to cater to the users and continue to give the best experience, the beginning of the app lies within our developer’s hands! The same hands work their magic with their customized keyboards to create the features we all love, that turn into the MyFriend app we all know and love! 

Today, MyFriend is taking you all to speak to one of the members of the developer team! The exact ones behind the code that makes up the MyFriend DNA! With Aung, the talented developer that has been with us for over a year, and his two fluffy friends who are basically his children, Milo and Ebony! The two adorable poodles are their dad’s inspiration and motivation! 

Let’s take a look at their adorable adventures and their wholesome poodle family!

Please introduce yourself and your fluffy fur balls

My name is Aung, I am a junior developer at MyFriend app. I have two fur balls, this one is Ebony, and another one is Milo. I’ve been with Milo for over one year, almost two years I think. And for this one, Ebony, she’s only been around for six months.

Pawrent life in an apartment in Bangkok

It was okay because it was an apartment that allows pets. So we have no problem anymore, and because they are small dogs, so it’s very easy to do stuff. 

Any difficulties having two fur babies?

The most difficult thing is traveling I think because in Bangkok, the traffic is so high, and if we want to go to somewhere like a park, it’s really hard to find a taxi. And it’s really hard to get to one point. Another difficulty is Milo is really picky eater, so he always doesn’t want to eat at times, so we have to force feed him because he needs food, otherwise, he’s playful and it can upset his stomach.

Do they ever annoy each other?

Yes, Milo has been with us for over one year so he’s thinking he’s the only child in the family. When we introduced him to Ebony, he doesn’t really like her, and he tries to always avoid her. But Ebony, she’s just very playful and she just keeps annoying Milo every time.

How long did it take for them to get along?

Around one week I guess, things after that. Milo plays with Ebony. And when Ebony can easily walk, we take them to walk every morning, so it’s a type of bonding I think.

Favorite activities together?

Yes, we usually always, almost every morning we walk. Because I’m full-time at the MyFriend app, I have less time with them, but when I have time I play with them, fetch with them. Play fetch, and they really enjoy it. We have been to two parks but I don’t remember the name. They really like going to the parks, there are other dogs to play with them too.

As an app developer, have you ever used MyFriend app yourself?

Yes, I have. I use the app for myself, not just for developing. And I even created two profiles, one for Milo, one for Ebony.

The most difficult feature to code

The most difficult to code is I think, as our app is going to be released a new design, and it is like, we work with other developers, so they do the coding first so we have to migrate our own existing features into the new app. It is kind of difficult for us to write in their styles.

Is there anything you would like to say to the audience?

I think even now, our app has the Shop which has several shops where you can buy pet-related stuff like food and toys, and also I’d recommend reading the Magazine because they release one article daily. So it’s really helpful and the topics are kind of interesting for me.

We would like to thank Aung for his hard work and dedication here at MyFriend to create something worth sharing with you all! From a pet parent himself, sharing his passion for pets with all of you. As well as Milo and Ebony (and momma Yulia behind the scenes) who continuously adds some spice and definitely a lot of cuteness in this week’s episode of Meet MyFriends! 

Let’s see who we introduce you to, on next week’s episode of Meet MyFriends! Stay tuned! 

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