Personality Quiz: what Mythical Objects you pick say about you

Think about all the living things on planet Earth, whether they would be fierce wild creatures or beasts dwelling in caves who have never even seen the sunlight, from microscopic creatures to massive monsters, humans and their companions have lived together in harmony for a very long time. Our imagination has served us and birthed mythical creatures and their magical abilities to entertain our weary minds. Embedded in myths, legends, and folklore that are still engrained in our hearts today!

You might have heard of several mythical creatures, whether it would be horses with wings, rabbits with legs, or birds that come with fire! We wouldn’t be surprised if you had a special fascination with these stories, but did you know that your favorite mythical creature can also tell you a lot about your personality?

MyFriend would like to invite all pet lovers to try out this fun pop psychology quiz by picking your favorite legendary animal!

Disclaimer: This “Personality Quiz: what Mythical Objects you pick says about you” article has been written for entertainment purposes only, and it is not a guaranteed diagnosis or prediction. Please enjoy with discretion! 

🧚 Before you start, don’t forget to take a few deep breaths and focus your attention! Whenever you’re ready, let’s look into the deepest and darkest place of where our identity lies!

Once upon a time, when the world was still woven with magic and mystics, you are a city-dweller that lost their way during the darkest depths of the night. Unknown trees towering over you, with slight glimpses of soft shining light from a cottage peeking through the branches, you walk towards it. Into the unknown forest to ask for a roof over your head. The kind old man offered you a room. There are magical items in the room that can help protect you throughout this cold moonless night. These items are…

Pick the magical mystical item that will help you survive the night

  1. Unicorn horn
  2. Phoenix tail
  3. Fang from a Basilisk
  4. Arrow from a Centaur

After selecting your protector charm for the night, let’s find out what each choice represents, and what special critters suit you the most!

🌑 If your special magical item is a Unicorn Horn 🦄

  • You have a special intuition that surprises many around you, even yourself! Quick-witted and you also have a knack for other people’s emotions. You have high emotional intelligence and you’re highly adaptable to changes around you. You don’t like conflict or confrontation, so you prefer to avoid these situations at all costs, but you often find yourself as the middleman of debates. Full of understanding, warmth, and friendliness, you have to watch out for people who are looking to take advantage of you. Nevertheless, your optimistic view on life will always bring brightness and radiance to your experiences.
  • They say that the unicorn horn represents the “Third Eye” that can sense supernatural occurrences. Normally, our two physical eyes can only see the past and present, while the third eye, or the unicorn horn represents the future. So those who picked The Unicorn Horn have a special intuition for those around them and their emotions!

Magical creatures that are meant for you

  • 🐶 Dogs: The Havanese and their bright and bubbly character match your brimming personality. They’re super smart and witty, full of enthusiasm and they’re also always willing to learn!
  • 🐱 Cats: The Siamese, also known as the auspicious breed here in Thailand is a great fit for you! With their sociable and affectionate nature that everyone is bound to fall for them.

🌑 If your special magical item is a Phoenix tail 🐦‍🔥

  • You move with passion and inner energy that no one can match! You dare to try out new things, and you persevere until you get what you want. Even if that means you have to fall and fail over and over again, you’re always ready to rise from the ashes, powered by your hard work and determination. You know that with every positive and success doesn’t come from pure luck, and that’s why you put in the effort to try everything for yourself and your loved ones. Sometimes, this determination might make you seem aloof to those around you, while you pressure yourself a little too much. Try to take a step back and acknowledge people around you, and you will soon realize that you don’t need to handle life’s challenges alone.
  • It’s been said that the Phoenix rises from their ashes after they’ve died. It’s a symbol of a continuous cycle of rebirth. So those who chose the Phoenix Tail are those who never fall and give up. They have the drive and determination to strive for the best, no matter what the challenge is.

Magical creatures that are meant for you

  • 🐶 Dogs: The mighty disciplined German Shepherd that’s full of passion and purpose would be the breed that could keep up with you. You will never face the challenges of the world alone with this companion nearby!
  • 🐱 Cats: The glamorous Persians are peaceful and graceful creatures that are relaxed and only do things out of their own will. They possess qualities that balance out your energy well.

Photo credit: Darrah Steffen

🌑 If your special magical item is a Fang from a Basilisk 🐍

  • You’re a wise and strong person, and you have your own opinions that are not easily influenced by anybody else. No matter if you win or lose, you are never still. That’s why success will surely come to you. But because of this, your defense, guard, and wall can be so high up, others might find it hard to get to know you. Sometimes you even wonder what you’re trying to protect. Only once you reflect upon your actions without judgment or negativity, and spend time with enough others, you’ll understand yourself better, that is if that’s what you want!
  • According to legends and myths, the Basilisk is a terrifying animal that has the power to kill its enemies with just a mere stare! At the same time, the mighty snake also sees far into the future, protecting itself against any conditions that might interfere with its peace. That’s why people who chose the Basilisk Fang as their safety charm for the night would be determined and cunning people, full of wit.

Magical creatures that are meant for you

  • 🐶 Dogs: The perfect companion for you would be the Rottweiler, a breed full of smarts and softness (if taken care of properly). They are smart enough to see any threat before it comes towards you and will accept you, as you come.
  • 🐱 Cats: A stray cat that has been molded and shaped by its experiences will understand other lives very well. This also applies to you. Although they are not purebred or pedigree, they are full of love and courage that they will always supply to their savior.

Photo credit: HubPages

🌑 If your special magical item is an Arrow from a Centaur 🏹

  • Freedom is your love and priority, you also adore nature and a simple lifestyle. Not picky and easygoing, but when it comes to the things you want in life, the things you obsess over, you never hesitate to dive in head first. Learning new things is your forte, and you have no obstacles with this from both the mental and physical capacity aspects. Full of commitment, you are eager to find out what suits you, and what doesn’t. Sometimes, you encounter situations that are hard to accept, but you still learn extremely fast from all experiences. You love your friends and family to the depths of your heart’s capacity, and you’re not afraid to take the bullet for them, sacrificing yourself in the process. But that’s also why it hurts you deeply when someone you trust stabs you in the back.
  • Centaurs are associated with freedom that might seem like it stems from stubbornness, but it’s a stubbornness that was born from courage and altruism. That’s why those who picked the Arrow from a Centaur tend to be those who love their pact dearly, understand the nature of the world and what goes on around them, and are always accepting love from those around them.

Magical creatures that are meant for you

  • 🐶 Dogs: Golden Retrievers are the breed for those who love freedom and relaxation! They have immense energy that they are ready to share with you on days you dive too deep into the depths of your heart. But be weary because you will also have to care for their health!
  • 🐱 Cats: Maine Coon, also known as the gentle giant are a majestic breed that turns heads when they enter the room! Despite their looks that might suggest glitz and glamour, they’re very cuddly and friendly, some say they even have a dog’s personality! They are also very easygoing, just like you.

So how was it, everybody? 🔮Were these answers accurate? Did you get the same animals? Let us know how accurate you think this is! Or if you have any mystical creatures that are your faves, don’t forget to let us know!

MyFriend would like to thank all pet parents that came all the way to visit this magical place, full of magic and mystical musings throughout May! 🦄 We’ll have more articles about legends and fairytales coming right up for you. Don’t forget to follow us!

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