Meet MyFriends! Salee & Taem

Welcome back, everyone! How was your holiday? 🏖 We understand that coming back to your daily routine after a vacation can be tough (Post-Holiday Depression is a real thing!). But MyFriend is here to give you all the support you need, with the help of our happy and energetic friend, who is a Jack Russell named Taem who holds a super special place in K. Salee’s heart. Let’s take our time to get to know these two, and the immense cuteness Taem will bring! We’re sure his cheerful nature will surely bring a smile to your face! 

Please introduce yourselves!

My name is Salee, I’m a marketing officer! One of my hobbies is teaching piano, and performing at different events. The dog I have, his name is Taem, he’s a Jack Russell. 

How did you meet your dog?

When I was a kid my parents always had dogs, so I think I liked them since then. I always had dogs from then on. I never had any pets other than dogs. For Taem, I got him because my mom’s friend gave him to us. We got him around May 2021. 

Is Taem different from other dogs?

Taem is the first dog to live in the house with us, he stays outside sometimes, but because he’s the smallest one. He’s different because he always follows us around! Like everywhere, and he loves to lick. Also barking really loudly! Especially when a rat around! He loves chasing rats. The others don’t ever chase them like he does. 

Are Jack Russels naughty?

I have to admit, he’s a very polite Jack Russell. Even other people feel surprised, “Is he a real Jack Russell? Why is he so well-behaved?” He used to love chewing on shoes. But now he doesn’t do it anymore. And he doesn’t cause any trouble, he’s a very good boy. 

What are your favorite activities?

We love walking around our street, and in the city like Bangkok or Nonthaburi, we love to visit cafes and parks, like those from the Ministry of Public Health, they have dog-friendly parks. For other provinces, we take him to the mountains, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, stuff like that. It’s usually provinces that doesn’t take too long by car. 

Anything else for the audience?

If you decide to take in a friend, please take good care of them. Don’t leave them in days they’re not cute anymore. We still have to care for them. Because they’re part of the family! Thank you. 

MyFriend would like to thank K. Salee and Taem for visiting and sharing adorable pictures and memories with us! Our hearts are filled with happiness and the cuteness this little Jack Russell has brought! For all of you, don’t forget to take care of yourselves and spend quality time with your beloved pets! We’ll bring a new friend for you all to meet next week! 

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