Best friend forever: pets and their favorite toy

Pets always have that toy. You know, that toy. It’s old and ratty, and probably falling apart. Yet, our pets seem to love them so much. It’s like they’re… best friends! Not only just squeaky balls or a teaser wand, but their favorite friend could also be a stuffed animal, cardboard box, or even your house slippers. 😂

It’s both adorable and hilarious to see them so attached to these little toys. No matter how big your pet grows to be, the toy will stay the same size. We can’t deny our pet cuteness when they turn into a big fluffy friend holding their little playmate. Find some before and after pictures of our furry friends with their favorite toys! Get your shopping cart and wallet ready because these might make you want to get your furry friends a brand new playmate.

“Still Sleeps With A Friend”

Photo credit: DrLionzilla | Bored Panda

“Mayo, My Friend’s Dog, Then And Now”

Photo credit: Bored Panda

“Then And Now”

Photo credit: Carrie Molina | Bored Panda

“This Was His First Toy And Four Years Later It Is Still His Favorite”

Photo credit: Bored Panda

“She Can Be Very Angry If You Try To Take Her “toy””

Photo credit: Bored Panda

“One Year Later And He Still Loves To Cuddle With This Stuffed Polar Bear”

Photo credit: Bored Panda

“The Difference A Year And A Half Makes, For Both My Cat And His Toy Monkey”

Photo credit: Bored Panda

“Oscar – 5 Years”

Photo credit: Jessi PerdomoReport | Bored Panda

As much as we love seeing those toys being squeezed by those adorable paws, let’s have mercy on those poor wounded toys and let them go. Broken toys are more dangerous than a broken heart. Parts can fall off and be a choking hazard, or some toys can get tangled up in places they shouldn’t be in! Let’s take this chance and reward your furry babies with new toys for being the goodest pet! We know that letting go of their childhood friends is hard, but who’s to say we can’t give them more friends? Maybe it’s time for them to master the art of moving on!

🧸 Tips: Don’t throw the old toy away immediately! After you get a new toy, you can slowly introduce a new toy to your pets as a friend of the old one. When they are familiar with the new toy, you can clean the old one and keep it somewhere safe as a memorable item for your pet!

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Thank you Bored Panda for all the cute images. 🥰

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