Meet MyFriends! Trail and Tail Pet-Friendly Community

As a pawrent, when we think of pet-friendly communities in Bangkok made for both humans and pets, with all the amenities and services we can dream of, in the heart of the city, Trail and Tail is top of the list! 

From an abandoned plot of land, K. Tik & K. Mint has revamped the space into a pet lovers’ paradise! Ticking all of the boxes that a pet parent has on their list, right in the middle of Sukhumvit. With the intention of transforming this area into a pet-friendly community and haven, all while cultivating a space that lets pet lovers and pet parents mingle and relax, Trail and Tail is no doubt, the place that comes to mind. 

Today, MyFriend wants to take you all to get to know Trail and Tail better, from the early stages to the present, where they have won over our hearts with their purrfect paradise for pet parents and their beloved fur babies! Wanna find out more? Let’s check it out! 

Please introduce yourselves!

Mint: I’m Mint, Chana Hetrakul and I’m the founder of Trail and Tail.

Tik: I’m Tik, Pimsuree and I’m the Co-founder of Trail and Tail.

What is Trail and Tail’s beginning? 

Mint: We’ve been in business for 3 years now. At first, this land belonged to our grandfather. After he passed, the land was abandoned. So our family wanted to create something that would provide happiness for the community in this area. Coincidentally, we’re also animal lovers who also love nature! That’s why we created a green space for pet lovers to spend quality time together. 

Tik: Mint and I met and personally, I’m very passionate about pets, and it’s always been my dream to create a good community for pets and humans. The critical part was the location and service, everything was important. Because everything is for the pets. However we take care of our pets, and we want a place like that. A place where we feel good taking our pets there. We talked and realized our goals aligned, so we started this project. I have to say, three years ago, the pet market and pet-friendly places were really hard to find. When we take our pets out for any activity, we realised it was only for pets, not humans. We wanted a place where they can spend time together. So it was planned since the beginning to have a shop. 

Tik: Pets get 50% and humans get 50% of the area. Like the restaurant, it was an aim to have delicious food where you can relax, and owners can bring their pets without having to do any activity in particular, and pets can just have fun while their pawrents rested. We treat humans and pets equally here.

The inspiration behind the shops and services?

Tik: Shops that rent our space out, it was mostly fate!

Mint: This place, when we started, we didn’t think of it as only pet owners. It’s for pet lovers who want to use our services. We wanted to create a place that gives new perspectives to those with pets. Spending quality time together.

What’s behind Trail and Tail’s success? 

Mint: I think every customer here feels safe and trusts us. Because we take cleanliness and safety very seriously. For every dog that’s here, we have quite strict rules. They all have to be vaccinated and checked for ticks and fleas. We also have to check if they’re healthy, or if they have any transmittable diseases. Because that can affect other pet friends here. So the majority of our customers have confidence in us. 

Tik: Our dogs are like our children. Whatever we wanted, we put it all here. From the beginning, architecture, area design, every detail is put into Trail and Tail. Even all the tiles!

Mint: When your dogs come here, all the activities you can find here, is just like what you’d find in a school. Running with parents, or a Day Care service for half the day, all day. Training courses, pet hotel, swimming pools. 

For those who rent out our space, there’s also a health center with a vet, so they can have a check-up before their grooming. Pet shops, cat hotels, baked goods for dogs, everything for a pet’s happiness. 

Tik: This area is new! We have customers with pets that range from small to big, sometimes it’s rainy, or too hot, and the weather changes. So we have a covered area that’s opening up. 

Mint: We found out that big and small dogs have very different behaviors, and also owners as well! Some who have a small friend are wearier when there’s a big dog around. So we think we should have a separate area for smaller dogs to fully roam around with no worries! Dogs can run around in real grass to train their senses, there are herbs as well for them to sniff and be near nature! But the only downside is when it rains. 

Tik: Our team is also important. We only select the right people who are passionate about pets to work with us. 

What are some of Trail and Tail’s Rules? 

Tik: I have to say that, the service area is for dogs. As for cats or other pets, if you want to visit the restaurant or anything like that, you can, but we recommend that they’re in a container or carrier that’s safe for them. Because there are a lot of dogs, we don’t want other pets to be startled. We have had odd pets in the shop or restaurants, and cats. They can utilize the health center also, and the cat hotel. 

Anything else for the audience? 

Mint: We’d love to see you. We have many services that will tick all the boxes, but most importantly, if you’re coming into use the dog zone services, we recommend you to bring the vaccination boo We have a registration system and all the details can be viewed on our LINE OA: @trailandtail. 

MyFriend would like to thank K.Tik and K.Mint, as well as Trail and Tail for sacrificing their valuable time and area for us to get acquainted! No wonder why Trail and Tail is a pet-friendly community that holds the No.1 place in the Bangkokian pet parents’ hearts! 

For pet parents who would like to visit Trail and Tail to meet new friends and make valuable memories, they are more than ready to welcome you all! Other than that, there are shops where you can browse pet products, pet swimming pools, and a fresh field of grass for your furry friends! There’s also the Hato Pet Wellness Center ready to take care of your pet’s health, as well as a professional dog trainer like Fabia from Kani Kraze! It’s really a one-stop shop for all your pet-related needs! Even if you’re looking for a relaxing day out, there is a restaurant and a nail salon at your convenience! 

Wonder who else we’re going to introduce you to? Stay tuned for next week’s Meet MyFriends!

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