5 Healthy Pet Treats by Thai Local Business!

Treats with no tricks! Do you want to spoil your furry friends, but you’re still worried that the treats will do more harm than good? Don’t worry because we’ve got a list full of healthy treats! We’re all about keeping your furry friends happy and healthy. Giving them treats in moderation is a sure way to keep your pets doing pawsome tricks while giving other benefits like fresh breath and additional supplementation.

If you’re looking for some treats for your little furry friends, we have not only one, but 5 local healthy pet treat brandsfor both dogs and cats! Every shop uses human-grade ingredients (so you can sneak a bite), with no additives or preservatives.

BOO&KO @boo_and_ko

You can find dehydrated pet treats that are high protein, low fat, and low sodium for all pawrents who want to maintain their pet’s weight with Boo&Ko. A pet parent understands the love everyone has for their furry friends, that’s why the Boo&Ko human-grade pet food is packed with nutritional and essential ingredients, and cooked in low heat to retain the yummy smell, crunch, and natural taste. They also have cat and dog treats available in more than 100 shops across Thailand! You can 👉 Check them out on the MyFriend Shop 👈

HAPPY PAWS @happypawsth

These heart-made treats are made from dried meat, veggies, and fruit with no additives or preservatives! Many types of cookies that all your furry friends – whether they’re a feline friends or a canine companions can enjoy. You can also find them at pet events regularly, and check out other pet supplies they also sell too! If you would like to shop for more supplies for your pets, keep an eye out for their stuff!

bake n’ bark @bake.n.bark

These are made-to-order freshly baked treats made especially for your fur babies! Who doesn’t love guaranteed freshness? Other than the high-quality dried meat you can find here, this homemade dog bakery, bake n’ bark, also provides meal boosters with four different flavors and doggy cereals. Don’t accidentally take them yourselves, these adorable packages that look exactly like the supplements we’d take!

kitazawa @kitazawa_store

Check out these high-protein, low-sodium, and gluten-free products made for your pets! Their Instagram feed is the definition of aesthetic – you’d be jealous of your little furry friend because these products look so cute! Not only do they have crunchy dried fish snacks for cats. On top of that, some other products included are cleaning products, hair spray, and several flavors of kibble toppings that can increase appetite. Shop for all in one place!

ORGANIC BARK @organicbark

Organic Bark makes these healthy homemade pet treats with five stars reviews! Luck is on the side of pet pawrents whose friends need snacks safe for their livers and kidneys. Plus, they’re easy to chew for smaller babies! ORGANIC BARK’s snacks are freshly baked, rich in nutrition, and have no preservatives. Plus, they have many interesting promotions you shouldn’t miss out on! Time to grab your pet’s paw and pick from the 8 different menus they have together. 🥰

Not just to strengthen your bond and trust, but giving pet treats also can improve their dental health and give them the mental stimulation they need. With all these benefits, why not give our babies snacks? They can also learn new tricks in the process!

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