5 Cat Myths Debunked!!

Cats have taken over our homes, hearts, and the internet! But despite slowly gaining control of our population – there is so much misunderstanding and inaccurate information floating around.

From having 9 lives to always landing on their feet, we forget that cats are mortal creatures like us! Just like how we roll our eyes at outdated stereotypes, it’s time for us to get to know our feline friends better. Here are some of the most common myths about cats… debunked!

❓ Myth: Cats love milk, and it’s good for them!

✔️ Fact: Unfortunately, Tom & Jerry didn’t give us an accurate representation of a cat’s diet. Cats do love milk because of the high-fat content, but cows’ milk can actually do more harm than good to our feline friend’s digestive system. After their nursing period has ended, they shouldn’t have any dairy products.

Myth: Male cats are softer and more affectionate than female cats.

✔️ Fact: Gender has very little impact on your cat’s personality! Instead, a feline’s personality is impacted by their socialization, trust, and bond with their pawrents. So, at the end of the day, it depends on how you treat your furry friends – or how they’ve been treated. If you’ve adopted a rescue, it might be more difficult and time-consuming to establish a relationship where they feel safe enough to trust you – but believe us, patience and compassion goes a long way. So, hang in there, baby!

Myth: Cats only eat grass when they’re feeling under the weather.

✔️ Fact: Grass eating actually has nothing to do with feeling ill in both cats and dogs. Although it’s been mentioned that cats might find that eating grass can help them relax – kind of like humans and chewing gum! They sometimes eat it to help induce vomiting, aid digestion, boost vitamin levels, or even simply because they like the taste and texture.

Myth: Only male cats spray.

✔️ Fact: Both male and female cats spray! Even if they’re neutered, they might still spray around their territory. Spraying is not a sex-related behavior in cats, although unneutered male felines tend to spray the most – and have the strongest scent compared to others.

Myth: Female cats should have at least one litter before having them spayed.

✔️ Fact: There’s a myth going around that a cat should have one litter before getting spayed, and that makes them healthier! This is not true at all. Having one litter doesn’t make them healthier, and there are also potential risks in the birthing process if you are inexperienced too. This can cause more harm than good for your feline friend. You can get your cat spayed before they have their first litter! As always, we advise you to speak to your vet for the best recommendations for your particular pet.

Other than debunking pet myths, we also found really cool facts about our beloved feline friends!

Did you know?

  • Cats don’t have a sweet tooth, but dogs do! Scientists think it’s because they lack the receptors for sweetness.
  • When cats chase prey, their head is leveled, whereas a human’s and a dog’s head move up and down.
  • Female cats tend to be right-pawed, while male cats are more often left-pawed.
  • Like how we have unique thumbprints, cats have unique nose prints!
  • When cats purr, it actually might help their bone density! 

Who would’ve known that our little fur babies had more secrets and misconceptions hidden behind those whiskers? These little guys are full of surprises and we make it our quest to unravel them all, and understand our furry friends better, so we can care for them in the way they deserve to be cared for! 🐈💖

Let’s do more fact checks on these pet myths! 👇

What’s real and what’s not?! 6 Pet myths debunked! 

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