Our furry friend is stealing my boyfriend/girlfriend!

Have you ever noticed your pets giving you a smirk when they’re around your partner? If yes, we have some bad news for you. Your pet might be trying to steal your other half! You might have been worried about introducing the two of them to each other, but guess what? They’re getting along much better than you’re hoping for. And yes, you’re third-wheeling them.

Here are some hilariously adorable jealous pets who are not afraid to tell you that you are ruining their date night!

“I just tried to hold my husband’s hand and my cat was not pleased about it”

Photo credits: u/Ijoinedforredditaww on Reddit

“My beautiful girlfriend has never looked at me this way…”

Photo credits: u/The_Duke_of_Lizards on Reddit 

“I feel like I’m interrupting something here…?”

Photo credits: TurmyTwo on Bored Panda

“The way my girlfriend’s dog looks at me melts my heart”

Photo credits: u/iCantDieSoWhyDontYou on Reddit

“This is how I find my kitten and my boyfriend every morning”

Photo credits: u/HippieLovin on Reddit

“Trying to enjoy my coffee and cuddles with boyfriend, dog starts nudging and yipping until I move. Immediately takes my spot and gives me this look”

Photo credits: u/HellaClassy on Reddit 

“My boyfriend and our cat are close… too close?”

Photo credits: u/kwpotato on Reddit 

“Maybe I’m being paranoid but I think she’s flirting with my boyfriend…”

Photo credits: u/ShadeeLeeann on Reddit

“The day my husband realized he was the third wheel…”

Photo credits: u/TrudyAttitudy on Reddit

“To that time Ruby tried to #stealmyman”

Photo credits: swain_md on Instagram 

Can’t deny that these paw friends are suspicious?! Honestly, they probably love you and your partner equally (…probably). But if you still have doubts, you can figure out how to tell your pets you love them in their language, so they would know that you love them too!

Lastly, MyFriend would like to thank Reddit, Bored Panda, and Instagram users for sharing these cute images and moments with the internet!

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone, even those who had their girlfriends/boyfriends stolen by their furry friends! 🤣💖

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