Meet MyFriends! Abida & Maximus the Husky

Being the ultimate pet parent takes time, energy, and a lot of patience! From keeping them mentally stimulated and physically active to spending enough quality time together, being a pawrent can definitely feel like a full-time job. Not only that, building trust and mutual respect is something that should be one of your main priorities as a pet parent! 🐶💖

Rules and discipline might sound like harsh orders, but that’s not the case at all. If anything, your beloved companion enjoys clear certainty and an established routine. It helps them exercise their mental muscles and also get rewarded with treats when they’re being the goodest boy! Today, MyFriend is taking you to meet the greatest dog and his beloved pawrent! Let’s take a look into Abida & Maximus the Husky’s lives and how they spend their time together.

Please introduce yourself and this distinguished gentleman here!

Hi, my name is Abida and this is Max. I adopted Max in 2019, so it’s almost three years now I have had him.

Why did you name him Maximus?

Maximus is a Latin word. It means the greatest. So I want him to just have the greatest life possible, and so that’s why I named him Maximus, and he’s pretty good so yeah. He’s proven to also be the greatest dog so far.

Does Maximus talk to you?

Yes, quite often. He’s very impatient. So when I’m making dinner for him, if I’m not fast enough, he will be like *husky noises* or when I’m in the class, and he’s doing things and I’m not giving him the treats because he didn’t do it correctly, then he argues back. Yeah, he’s very vocal.

What are some of your favorite activities together?

We like to go to the park, but our favorite one is Nong Bon, We go further from Phatthanakan. It’s Nong Bon water park, and it’s beautiful. Because he gets hot very quickly because of all the fur, but at Nong Bon, their path is under the trees so we can walk there for a long time. And there’s also a lake, we do that and we like to prepare food together. Because he’s always sitting and waiting to get a bit of the air. We like to eat, we like to go out to restaurants, sit and watch people, that’s our favorite thing.

📍 Nong Bon Lake Park

Open Everyday: 5:00 – 18:30

How long has he been training?

Yes, I bring him here. He’s been training with Fabia for almost three years. So I adopted him in October, then by March, he was here training with Fabia. He’s been here every single term.

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Did you notice a shift in behavior after Maximus started training?

Yes, I think it gives him a chance to let his energy out. And then also he meets his friends, he can play, so it’s really good for his social, mental health, as well as his physical health. Because he can come out and run around, and so he was calmer. He’s much calmer. When I adopted a Husky, everybody was telling me “oh, you’re gonna get in trouble, they’re noisy, they’re destructive” but he’s not at all. He’s very calm, so I think it helps to come out to training a little bit.

Do you recommend taking pets to professional training classes?

I would, if you could. It depends on your lifestyle. So I think if the parents can adoord the time to take them out, and also because you can’t just send them for training, you have to be there with them. And as most parents would love to spend time with their dogs and cats, but they can’t because they’re working. So it’s important that if they could [spare the time]. It’s nice to have professional training.

It’s like taking your kids to school, right? So you get feedback from the teachers, and from other parents. You get a lot of information sharing. It’s nice to have that. You gotta be there, you can’t just send them alone. So if you have the time, I would totally recommend it, to go spend time with them and do things with them. Because it matters.

Are there any tips and tricks for people who would like to be a pet parent?

They have a mind of their own, so you can’t really rush it. You just have to build trust, and if you’re gonna yell at them, they’re gonna yell louder. So we don’t want to play that game, because you will always lose. Just be patient and eventually they’ll come around.

I feel like being calm around him helps. If you’re loud and aggressive, they don’t really like it. [Abida looks at Max] Right, Max?

Anything you would like to say to the audience?

Well, as I said, it’s nice to be able to spend time with your dog and cats, sometimes we think that we give them everything and it’s enough. But it’s mostly they’re happy with what you give. They would be more happy if you give them more time, and spend time with them, I think. They can react, and [Max jumps off] they can get bored very easily, so don’t spend [too much time doing] long interviews. It’s not their thing. Thank you, Max, Thanks, everyone!

Kisses and cuddles are as important as respect, trust, and discipline for a beloved companion. 💕 Our furry friends might be super excited and eager for treats, snacks, and toys, but they also secretly crave routine, schedule, and maintaining good habits! These things can strengthen your bond like no other. 💞

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We’d also like to thank Trail and Tail at Sukhumvit 39 for allowing us to film and conduct this adorable interview, and for Abida and Maximus for sacrificing their time to give us their insightful experiences!

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