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Why are toys for pets so important? Although a lot of us might think they don’t serve a real purpose, these fun, cute, and sometimes ridiculous toys are extremely crucial for our pet’s mental stimulation! By stimulating these different senses, toys help our furry friends learn so much, and this includes being more independent, staying curious, and less stressed!

Erick and Aum ex-hoteliers and pet parents to two adorable bulldogs realized these vital factors in their fur babies’ mental development. When they stumbled upon the extraordinary GiGwi toys, they became an all-things-pet-related store called Barks and Bites! One of their main partners being GiGwi Toys, as well as other reputable branda. All this to bring access to quality products for all pawrents in Thailand! Today, Aum will introduce us to GiGwi Thailand by Bark and Bites and give us a sneak peek behind their amazing brand.

Please introduce yourself

Hi! I’m Aum, the owner of G City, and I’m also an importer for GiGwi Thailand.

What was the inspiration behind importing GiGwi toys? 

I’d like to start this off with the fact that I have two English Bulldogs, and that was why. Because I’ve bought other toys that were lower quality and didn’t end up have a long life. There was one day I bought toys from a brand named GiGwi for my pets, my own fur babies, and they loved it! They also developed their skills. When I realized that durable and higher quality products last longer, I thought to myself, this is a worthy brand to bring to Thailand.

What are the importance of toys?

Toys are actually crucial! First, it aids their mental development and also their physical self too! Whether it would be their mental or physical health, they both need to be exercised, to reduce stress. Sometimes we leave them alone, whatever they do, if they have toys, they can enjoy throughout their alone time.

Why should pawrents buy high quality toys?

Because they deserve it. They deserve a high quality product or things that are good for them. They’re our fur babies! That’s why we have to provide them with the best – such as GiGwi Toys, GiGwi toys are high quality and there are no toxins, because it’s made specifically for pets in mind. Whether that would be a puppy or a kitten. So when he plays sometimes, of course, toys, even if they’re durable, they’re not made equal. It depends on the material, and each friend won’t play the same way! When they bite furiously, some parts might fall or break off. So it depends on the pet too. Even if they accidentally swallow this, it’s okay. But we promise that our products are durable to a considerable extent.

Any tips for new pawrents in picking the right toys for furry friends?

Each product has a different material, aim, and goal in mind, like each pet being a different size. If I purchase a huge toy, his jaws might be too small to bite! So he won’t have a good time with it. That’s why when we pick out these products or toys for their enjoyment, even little puppies that just arrived – those at 45 days or something like that, we shouldn’t give toys that are too tough for them or too hard, such as wood-based material and such. We might want to start with rubber materials first, that’s why when they’re teething, so after their teeth becomes more durable, we can give them harder materials. Big dogs, for sure, if we give them a tiny tiny toy, they might accidentally swallow it. If we’re not there, we might not know, and it can cause great danger to our pets.

Anything else you’d like to add? Where can we buy GiGwi toys? 

We have a store at K-Village called G City. In the future, for sure, we’ll have more branches! And of course, don’t forget on the MyFriend App! Instagram and Facebook of GiGwi Thailand, we have it all! Our products, other than toys, are of the highest quality products because we’ve hand-picked for our beloved pets. Thank you.

MyFriend would like to thank Aum and Erick for the amazing interview and informative tips on how to pick the perfect toys for our fluffy friends, as well as for giving our crew a warm welcome into their shop! There is no question that their passion for this business and spreading joy through these exceptional toys for every friend and pawrent there is genuine and immense!

If you are looking for high-quality toys that are carefully created with love specifically for your trusted companion, you can shop GiGwi Thailand by Barks and Bites on the MyFriend shop! Or you can check out their store at K-Village on Sukhumvit 26!

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Facebook: GiGwi Thailand by Barks and Bites

Instagram: @gigwithailand_barksandbites

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