What to know before getting a pet as a couple

Getting a pet with your partner can definitely feel like the right move to prove your commitment! It’s a big step you can take together. Although it can feel like a “trial run” before having children, taking care of a pet is a very serious matter as well – no less than having a child.

Having children will not fix a broken relationship, and it will most likely bring out the existing problems to the surface – just as getting a pet would. The new furry friend will not automatically make you grow closer, despite the fact that taking care of a pet together can be a great bonding experience. Any couple considering adopting or taking in a pet should consider the following factors before taking the big leap.

📅 Be honest about your schedule and capabilities 

Are you realistically capable of taking care of a pet? Did you know that puppies can only hold pee for the same number of hours as their age in months, plus one? That means a 3-month-old puppy can only hold pee for 4 hours. Caring for a pet takes up a lot of time and commitment. Make sure that your partner’s and your schedule allow you to take proper care of your pet, all while spending quality time together as well.

What if you want to travel? Are you guys the type to be spontaneous and make last-minute plans? Having a furry friend will change that drastically, as you need to plan and make sure they’re looked after. What about the city you live in? Is it a pet-friendly place? Would commuting be an issue if you want to travel with your new fur baby? These are all questions you need to take into consideration before welcoming new furry friends.

💑 Who will take care of what? 

Because you are considering getting a pet together, that means the long list of responsibilities needs to be shared. Chores are not fun, but they’re needed, so you need to establish clear rules and boundaries of what your roles will be. Who is going to take care of the feeding schedule? What about vet appointments? Are you ok with taking them on daily walks, but not cleaning up after accidents? Let your partner know and make sure you are both okay with compromises if they need to be made.

Another aspect that is super important to think about is 💸 finances – are you financially stable enough to care for a pet? How will you divide the bills if something happens? It’s not just accidents and vet appointments, but things like dog walkers, sitters, medication, toys, and many more expenses that can creep up on you. If you’re already on a tight budget, take a step back and reconsider.

Take a moment and zoom out 💭

Before you make any rash decisions, realize that pets are a life-long commitment. The average lifespan of a dog is 10 – 13 years, while cats live for 12 – 18 years! A lot can happen during that time, such as unpredicted travels and life events.

Take your time to consider your options and the amount of certainty you have in life. If your job or your dream career requires you to travel often, getting a dog might be a better option than a cat since frequent changes in surroundings can cause feline friends a lot of stress.

What getting a pet together really means 🐾

Although there will definitely be more cuddle, play, and adorableness added to your life, you will have to put on your responsible pet parent shoes and make harder decisions! Depending on the type of pet you’re planning to get together, the list of responsibilities may vary. Remember, you’re welcoming another life into your own, as well as your partners!

There will be times when having a pet is not the most convenient, but that doesn’t mean they won’t bring immense joy to your life. We believe that it’s extremely important to look at the reality of looking after a furry friend. So before you make any unplanned decisions, take your time to do your research and make sure you can provide a good life for your future pet!

Things you can do before committing 🤔

You can try fostering dogs to see if taking care of a pet is right for you. Not only helping shelters, but you are also figuring out whether or not having a furry friend around is a realistic option for you. Bear in mind that fostering friends that need a home can also come with its own challenges, make sure you disclose your intentions, plans, and the reason why you’re fostering a pet to the shelter so they can help you find the best-suited friend for you to look after!

Getting a pet as a couple can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It is important to discuss and plan ahead, considering factors such as financial responsibilities, daily arrangements, and personal preferences. By considering these factors, being active in communicating, and dividing tasks, successfully navigating the challenges of pet ownership can definitely be done as a couple! As always, thorough research and consideration are always crucial before welcoming a new paw friend.

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