Spotify has Pawsome Personalized Playlists for your pet!

Send love and appreciation to your little paw friends through music with a Spotify playlist! These songs will surely be ‘purrfect’ for you and your pet.

Spotify released the most adorable and super fun feature called “Pet Playlists by Spotify” for all pawrents to try out! Whether you have a cat, dog, hamster, bird, or even Iguana!

All you have to do is answer five simple questions about your little ball of fur! These are all related to their personality – so it won’t take you long!

Examples of the questions would be whether they are: relaxed vs energetic, shy vs friendly, and then the algorithm will works it magic into creating your pet’s pawsonalised playlist!

Don’t forget to upload the best photo of your trusted companion and their name!

After that, Spotify’s magical algorithm will create a playlist that is especially curated just for and your pet. If you happen to be a regular user of Spotify, the playlist will be more attuned to your taste of music as well! Not only can your pet enjoy their very own “paw-list” but you’ll probably be humming along too!

Because I Love you like a LOVE song (pet) baby!

Share all the good vibes with your pet friends with Pet Playlists by Spotify

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