The simplest way to reduce animal overpopulation

By spaying or neutering your pets, it will help them live healthy and longer life. It will reduce the risk of deadly reproductive system diseases and certain cancers, and most importantly, reduce the number of newborn fur babies. Reducing the number of newborn pets also mean reducing the number of possible animal lives that will be abandoned and left on the streets.

There is a possible slight increased risk of disease, but we all must remember that we have to look at the bigger picture. Yes, that might be true, but the pet’s overall health and longevity of their lives also increase as a result of spaying/neutering them. There are multiple misconceptions about spaying and neutering your pets, but all of those can be avoided as long as pawrents take precaution and preventive measures, as recommended by the veterinarian.

The reduction in the number of newborn pets will give more space in stray animal shelters. The shelter will be able to rescue more abandoned pets which would lead to less euthanized pets each year as well as a reduction in the overpopulation problem. Looking at the picture as a whole, this option benefits so many lives, including those that have yet to exist.

You can also help reduce the number of overpopulation in companion animals by adopting a pet from shelters. If you really want to have a very specific breed of pet from a farm, make sure you buy from a reliable place and be responsible by spaying or neutering them, and taking care of them for the rest of their lives. Do your research and find the most ethical, reliable, and trustworthy breeder before making your decision. Still, give shelters a chance. Maybe you will meet your future furry soulmate there – or even find the breed you believe is fit for you!

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