Meet MyFriends! Ayush Madan & Kimchi

Many of us might feel as though cats are typically independent creatures that don’t really care for us at times. But if you ask any cat pawrent, you’ll soon realize that every cat has their own unique personality! Some might be quieter than others, some might be super naughty and playful, and others might be ready to fight and swat anyone that comes in the way. We can be sure of one thing though, and that thing is they will surely give us all the love, warmth, and affection to their hooman – even more than what we expect! 

Today, MyFriend is taking you all to get to know Ayush Madan, the proud cat dad of Kimchi – the spicy little kitty that will put all of your hearts on fire this month! (Even though Thailand isn’t that cold~). Follow Kimchi’s cuteness and their wholesome journey in this interview! 

Please introduce yourself and your feline friend

My name is Ayush, and my feline friend, her name is Kimchi. She is one year and two months old. She’s a mix of Scottish Fold and an American Short Hair. 

How did you find each other?

Well, she was kind of the runt of her litter. As you can see, she has a special tail… I like to call it her little Pokémon tail, but I like her tail a lot because it’s poofy. And when she wags it around, I can still tell how she’s feeling…. Even if it’s not as long or curvy, like other cats’ tails. I think her tail is beautiful. I love her soft fur, even though it gets everywhere, and when I’m watching videos in bed, she likes to curl up right next to me, and that’s the cutest thing ever.

Why Kimchi?

It’s one of my favorite foods, and she’s also a very spicy cat. She likes to get the zoomies a lot, normally at like 3AM. Right? Unless you fix her feeding schedule, like if she eats super late, then she’ll usually run around a lot. So yeah, she’s spicy.

What’s your favorite activity together?

Um, honestly? Watching YouTube in bed. I live with my grandma so we don’t really socialize a lot, so I feel like she’s become my roommate for me. It changes everything because you don’t feel so alone. 

Is there anything the pet is scared of?

Yes, she’s really scared of loud noises. Like thunder sometimes make her jumpy. She doesn’t like parks very much, I’ve tried taking her to parks. I think the smells just overwhelm her. Oh, and she also doesn’t like belly rubs.

What do you think Kimchi likes most about you?

I think she likes my beard. There was a time I would come home from uni, and that’s like her way of greeting me. Like I’d pick her up and she’ll lick my beard. Cause she likes the texture, and my favorite thing about her is probably that she does that. But also, she’s just really friendly in general. She can be very moody. Some night she’s like “Oh I’m gonna go sleep over there,” some night she’s like “let me get under the covers, it’s cold.”   

What’s your favorite quirk of Kimchi?

She loves, in the mornings, to go out like, she’s at my friend’s place now and they have a huge balcony, and she loves to go out there and watch the birds. Back at my place, she would always be up against the windows in the mornings, and go *judjudjudjud* at the birds, like she wants to hunt them. She can hear the rats in my ceiling, so she’s always like up and like “I know you’re in there, but I can’t get to you.” And she likes to drink toilet water for some reason, I’ve been trying to stop her from doing that.

Do you think it’s important to have a trustworthy auntie/uncle to care for Kimchi?

Definitely. I didn’t foresee going abroad for so long. I wanted to take her with me, but it’s just so expensive and I don’t want to have her go through the whole flight and like the acclimation process to the new place, so I’m just going to leave her here with my trusted friends and I know she’s getting a lot of love in her new home. She probably likes it better because the balcony is so big. Yeah, they’ve accepted her like part of the family. I couldn’t be more relieved.

Would you like to say something to the audience?

If you want a pet, you should just go for it. And there will be days where you’ll be like “oh, the TV is broken, I hate her.” But then there’s going to be days where you’re like, about to cry, and she’ll come up to you and she licks your nose, and you’re like “damn. This animal loves me.” and that’s a good feeling. 

MyFriend would like to thank Ayush Madan, Kimchi, alongside her auntie and uncle who was kind enough to let us conduct this super-pawsome-and-adorably-wholesome interview! From sharing her little spicy habits and quirks to the heartwarming moments she shares with her beloved hoomans. We would also like to give appreciation to auntie and uncle who are taking care of Kimchi during the days her dad is not in town! We have to say, it really takes a village to raise a kitty – and she is certainly in good hands! 

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