Gift Ideas for Pawrents!

The holiday season is officially here! Some of us are great at picking out gifts for our loved ones, meanwhile, others struggle to find the purrfect gift. If you’re on the lookout for the right present, specifically for that friend, family member, or even special someone, this is the article for you!

Picking out meaningful gifts can be tough. You want to give them the best thing that money can buy, and sometimes that means the gift will also be beneficial, practical, and useful! Here are some thoughtful ideas you can use to inspire your next surprise. 

🧽 Service cleaning

Having a furry little friend running around the house also means having their fur everywhere! Day-to-day responsibilities already take up so much time, and cleaning can definitely be a chore. Honor the giving season by gifting your friends a cleaning service that will clear their space and mind of all the clutter, and welcome the new year with a squeaky clean slate! 

Check out Smile Clean BKK for a specific pet-cleaning service! Their services start at 650 Baht / Cleaning – they understand that life can get busy at times, and cleaning after your pets can seem impossible! The service is available throughout the BTS and MRT lines. 

✂️ Grooming Service 

Gift cards for grooming services may sound silly at first, but they can be an excellent gift for pet parents! This is a considerate gift that will definitely put a smile on your friend’s face. There are loads of groomers in Bangkok you can check out. Top the gift off with a cherry on top by picking a pet salon that is not too far and convenient for your friend to travel there with their pets!

📷 Photoshoot session package

Pet parents probably all have their fur babies all over their photo gallery. But how often do they really get professional photos that will truly capture their beautiful bond? Christmas is a magical session, so why not gift a photoshoot package that will let them frame the special moments? Maybe the photos will be used for next year’s Christmas cards! 

Check out Pet Snap Studio, or Pet Studio Bangkok for awesome deals and beautiful photos! From cute pups, and cats, to rabbits and hamsters, they know the best tricks to get you and your furry friend’s best angles

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🛰️ NFC Tag Collars

Every pawrent’s nightmare is their pet getting lost. With an NFC tag, you can give your friends a sense of relief! An NFC tag lets kind strangers scan and get information about your pet, which will let your pet have a higher chance of being returned back to your warm hugs and cuddles. A pet parent can also get a GPS location of the last scanned location by email. They also come in all sorts of pretty color variations! 

Photo Credits: Hundur NFC tag

For a little extra comfort, stay tuned for our upcoming Pet Alert feature! Where you will get notified when a furry friend is lost around your area, and you can also broadcast a notification as well if your pet is missing. 

🐶 Complete Control Leash & Harness for Pullers

Walkies are definitely the most exciting time of the day! This simple part of a daily routine can be immense to the bond between a pet and their parent. You can gift your pawrent friends with this awesome leash. With a special design that helps the pawrent and pet enjoy the walk together fully – this leash allows the pet parent to lead the way!

This is especially a great gift for pawrents who have friends who are on the bigger side, have a lot of strength. Pet parents can wear this leash over their torsos, giving them and their pets a super cool look and also complete command over the walk. Not only does the leash help with the pet’s strength, but it also allows them to walk many paw friends at the same time! With just one hook and a hands-free leash, the design provides the most convenient and freeing experience. 

Photo Credits: Lazada

👓 Customized bandanas 

Is your friend a fashionista? Does their pet have matching outfits and they’re always ready for the ‘gram? What’s better than a piece of customized clothing for their pets? You can gift your friend a customized bandana with an adorable pet’s name on it, or even quirky quotes like “I’m all about that pug life”! Choose from a collection of fabric patterns, printing ink, and even the font style of the text to suit their personality! 

Check out Pawdy Love for the cutest custom-made bandanas for all types of furry friends!

 Photo Credits: Pawdyloveth Facebook

There we have it! All the pawsible awesome gifts you can give your beloved friends and family who are pawrents. Depending on your friend’s preferences and priorities, these gifts are perfect for all types of pet parents. After all, a gift is a gesture of love, care, and consideration. These ideas can definitely leave a paws-itive impression.

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