Meet MyFriends!: Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr with Thor & Khonshu

Today, MyFriend is taking everyone back to Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat – a Hooman Cafe & Cat Hotel to meet Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr alongside Thor & Khonshu who are here to talk about their cute and wholesome journey! As a cat dad in this big and bustling city, let’s get to know them a little better! 😸

His love of pets began at a young age, and combined with the condo life full of hustle and bustle of the city he now lives in, he decided to adopt a feline friend to keep him company! Before falling head over heels in love with the various personalities and quirks of the mini superheroes – Thor & Khonshu that came out of the Marvel Universe, let’s find out more about this cat dad’s journey!

Why did you pick the name Khonshu & Thor?

I’m a movie fan, especially superhero movies. That’s why I named my cats after Marvel superheroes. I had a cat named Loki, and the other was Thor. And this little guy is Khonshu. 

What’s the beginning of your cat dad’s journey?

I started having dogs first when I was a kid, so that started my journey as an animal lover. We had fish and dogs, but now that I’m older, I’m in the city so I tried taking in a feline friend. I wanted to try out adopting them first, so that’s how I took in stray cats first, and that made me fall in love with cats. 

I’m a person who prefers staying in a condo or house, and I enjoy solitude, I’m quite independent. So after I got a cat, I felt so fulfilled, because I felt like they’re animals that can tell when they should approach us. When we need our alone time, or sometimes when I’m stressed, they’ll walk over and help me relax.

What’s the toughest thing about caring for a stray

I think the challenge of adopting a stray is that we can never really know what they’ve been through. For example, if a dog has ever bitten them, or if someone harmed them. The only thing we can do is mend them because we can never know what the cause is.

We have to find ways to encourage trust. Imagine if we meet a cat that has their guard up, they might’ve had a bad experience with humans. Time is needed, and so important when we take in strays. We have to give them a lot of time, love, and support. Anything so they trust us. 

Do Thor and Khonshu’s personalities differ?

Each cat has their own personality. Thor is super affectionate with me, but not with anyone else. He’ll be really scared and won’t be playful. But he’ll know when we’re stressed, and he’ll come to cuddle. He loves sleeping on your chest.

Khonshu, this Scottish Fold is super playful! Super welcoming cat. I love bringing him to play with other cats, he’s not scared at all, and he’ll approach others to play with them. They’re both quite different. 

What are some quirks of these two?

I think their quirks are when they’re at the condo together, they’ll chase each other. Khonshu loves chasing Thor, and playfully bites, but Thor doesn’t like it at all! They’re constantly chasing each other, but whenever I’m on the sofa, I’d be reading, working, or doing anything, no matter how much they’re fighting, they’ll try to find a gap in my positioning, between my legs, arms, just to cuddle with me. I think it’s such a cute moment that my two children might be fighting, arguing, and running from each other, but in the end, they will come to me. I find it very wholesome.

Anything you’d like to add for the audience? 

I used to travel abroad often, and go to other provinces. I want to encourage other cat pawrents to be more cautious about leaving their cats alone. This can cause a lot of stress. Cats get stressed very easily. Any shift in the environment can trigger it. They need consistency. I want to add that if we need to leave for a while, try to find a friend to help or find ways to help them relax. We see them as affectionate beings, but they’re easily stressed. I want to add mention this because cats can’t communicate as we do, and they keep to themselves, so they won’t tell us. 

MyFriend would like to thank Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr as well as Thor & Khonshu who were willing to share with us, their wholesome story, and Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat – a Hooman Cafe & Cat Hotel that were kind enough to let us film and shoot this episode!

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