Meet MyFriends! Anutra ‘Niki’ Chatikavanij with Ichi the Shiba!

Let’s meet the coolest fun aunt and her little nephew! Today, Meet MyFriends! are taking you all to get to know Anutra ‘Niki’ Chatikavanij, the founder of Bitesize BKK, and her little paw friend, a Japanese Shiba Inu called Ichi who flew all the way from Japan to live here in sunny Thailand.

Let’s find out how Niki spends quality time with her trusted companion, what kind of cool activities they do together, and get to know Ichi better by tapping into his quirks and personality!

Please introduce yourself and what you do

I’m Nikki, the founder of Bitesize BKK which is an English media publication on Instagram, for newer generations that are interested in Business, Technology, and brand-related news. I’m also a proud mother of two dogs, Ichi and Miki.

How long have you had Ichi for?

Around 4 years. My father wanted a Shiba Inu, so we searched on Facebook and we found this one page where the Shibas were straight from Japan! That’s why we flew Ichi all the way from Japan on a plane. We went to get him at Suvarnabhumi 4 years ago. 

What made you decide to go with the name Ichi?

When I realized we were gonna get a Shiba, I wanted a Japanese name that fits with the breed. The brainstorming process took so long! Everybody voted for Ichi because it sounded cheeky and cute, it also means “one” in Japanese, because he’s No.1!

How do you manage time as a business owner and a dog mom?

Honestly, Bitesized BKK is quite flexible, and we work from home. But Ichi actually lives with my parents, who also happen to live next door. So I’m kind of like a dog-auntie who visits from time to time to go play, or do fun activities together during the weekend. I’m lucky that Ichi and Miki both have caretakers at home. 

Your favorite place to hang out with Ichi?

We go to many places together, since we’ve gotten these dogs, we’ve started doing a lot of activities that revolves around them. Just like they’re family. Sometimes during the weekend or holidays, we go to Benjakitti. They just opened up a dog-friendly zone which is great for walks, runs, it’s a great green space. We also go to Nong Bon park, which I really love, but it’s quite far. I recommend pawrents to go during Sundays, it’s a huge park – fourty minutes of running will tire the dogs out for sure.

What is the best thing about Ichi?

The best thing about Ichi is that he’s quite independent. A Shiba’s personality is similar to a cats. They won’t constantly play with you or cuddle you. It’s going to be like a random day they feel extra affectionate and loving, they’ll come up to hug and play with us – and that makes it feel a lot more special when they’re in those moods. We’ll feel like as an owner, we did a good job, and the dog is rewarding us with love! Ichi loves his freedom, and he’s easy to take care of. He can take care of himself. 

If Ichi could speak, what would he say to you?

He’ll probably say a lot of things, a lot of complaints, and want many things! Like more walkies and treats. Ichi loves croissants, salmon, and he can be kind of demanding as a dog. He’ll probably want a lot of stuff. 

Would you like to say something to the audience?

I think a lot of people are giving dogs their forever homes, and they have become such an important part of the family. Supporting them by taking them out, going for walks, and trying not to leave them home all the time. Nowadays, there are more options for a lifestyle that is easier for pawrents in Bangkok. Also, Check out Bitesized BKK if you’re interested in business and technology news! 

MyFriend would like to thank Anutra ‘Niki’ Chatikavanij as well as Ichi who were kind enough to sacrifice their time for a lovely interview, all while welcoming us with open arms, into their home! 

If you are interested in concise, efficient, high quality news updates about business, technology, and brands, don’t forget to check out Instagram: @Bitesize BKK and their awesome easy-to-absorb content that’s posted every day!

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