Prosthetic for disabled pets

Our pets are destined to have fun and roam free in this big world we call home. But unfortunate events, accidents, or medical complications can take away this freedom from our four-legged friends. Disabled pets who have a missing limb(s) still deserve to have fun and continue to live their lives after the amputation process.  

As the age-old saying goes, when there’s a will, there’s a way! Us, hoomans have created a solution to these issues with advanced technology that is gradually becoming more accessible to everybody!

What are prosthetics?

Prosthetics, or artificial limbs are human-made body parts that help our friends continue living their fullest lives. These allow our pets to move around freely and prevent further injuries that might be caused by prolonged uneven weight distribution. 

Artificial limbs are supposed to be unique to each individual, which means each case must be customized to fit perfectly. 

Technology and accessibility

Traditional artificial limbs usually come with a hefty price tag, which not many families can afford for their furry friends. But thanks to revolutionizing technology, 3D printing is a manufacturing process that also benefited the pet prosthetic industry!

Affordability isn’t the only benefit of 3D printing, it’s also much more flexible compared to the old ways. So if there are any changes in design, it won’t cost a fortune, and this ensures that your pet will definitely be comfortable with the end result. 

Another benefit is timing. Pets who have lost a limb might get too used to not having that limb after an extended amount of time. 3D printing takes away the big time constraints that we might face with traditional methods. When it takes less time, our furry friends can quickly get back to running around in the fields! 

Pet Prosthetic in Thailand

The pet-prosthetic community in Thailand is still small, and there are only a handful of manufacturers or veterinarians who are creating these prosthetic limbs for our disabled friends. Despite this, there are ongoing research and accessible resources pawrents with disabled friends available in Thailand. 

Our pets are a big part of our lives and making sure they are living their fullest lives after unfortunate events is the least we can do for them. As pet parents, we want to see our fur babies roam the earth with all the freedom and fun! It’s what they’re destined to do. Pet prosthetics are a way we can help our furry friends continue their daily activities and further explore this big world we call home! 

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