6 Powerful Leaders and their Lovable Dogs!

Dogs are man’s best friend, is a common saying we hear all the time! But did you know that it was first said by King Frederick of Prussia, way back in 1789? These cute puppers have been by humanity’s side for as long as we can remember, and for good reason too! 

They’re not our pets, but they’re a huge part of our family. World leaders and politicians might seem like they’re always calm and collected, but many of them have also had their hearts stolen by these fluffy friends! MyFriend has compiled a list of 6 world leaders and their trusted companions. 

Bo & Sunny (Barack Obama)

A male and female Portuguese Water Dog joined the Obama Family in 2009 and 2013 respectively. It’s been said that the family only spent an hour with Bo and knew they were looking at the new addition! A few years later, they got Sunny. Fun fact: Malia (Obama’s daughter) has allergies, which was a big reason why they looked for hypoallergenic breeds. Sadly, Bo has passed 

Photo credits: Oprah Daily

Lennu (Sauli Niinistö & Jenni Haukio)

The internet-famous Boston Terrier was owned by the President of Finland and his wife. He was known for his adorable grin that stole our attention, and hearts. It was reported that Lennu passed away last year, from complications related to his breed. 

Photo credits: yle

Bród and Misneach (Michael D Higgins)

These beautiful Bernese dogs are often accompanying the President of Ireland during his meetings and public appearances. These two have also met the French president, the Prince and Princess of Wales (former Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at that time), and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. What can we say, these guys have been all over! 

Photo credits: Independent.ie

Kenzie (Justin Trudeau)

This cute Portuguese Water Dog was introduced to the Trudeau family back in 2016! It’s been stated that The Obamas might have persuaded the Trudeaus to welcome in this breed since they are great with kids, intelligent, protective, and hypoallergenic. 

Photo credits: Twitter: Justin Trudeau 

Nemo (Emmanuel Macron) 

The Labrador-Griffin cross was adopted in 2017. Nemo was a part of the French campaign back in 2020 as well, where he was the star of the show. The campaign focused on reminding citizens about adopting animals during the holiday season. As an adopted pup himself, Nemo is making a difference. 

Photo credits: Evening Standard

Buddy (Scott Morrison)

Buddy, a black Schnauzer, and Poodle (Schnoodle) is the Australian Prime Minister’s beloved pet. Apparently, the little friend has been known to cause a little commotion at times according to this article. But nevertheless, we still love Buddy’s enthusiasm and quirkiness!

Photo credits: The Advertiser

Have you heard about any of these cuties and their powerful pawrents? Did we miss any leader in particular? Let us know!

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