Caring for disabled pets

Taking care of pets is a daunting task that requires a lot of empathy, understanding and patience. When our furry friends become disabled, whether that be from birth, illnesses, diseases, accidents, or natural aging, it takes immense effort for pet parents to care for them. It’s not only difficult for our friends themselves but creating a space that allows them to live as freely as they can, in a safe and secure environment is extremely important too! Let’s see how we can help our disabled pets have better life. 

Pets that are visually impaired

Visual impairment or blindness can be caused by various things. Birth defects, accidents, or even their natural age. Whether they can partially see or not at all, it’s still important to give them all the space they need. 

The most crucial thing for caring for visually impaired pets is familiarity with their environment. Please make sure they get used to the area at their own pace and assure them that they are safe. Pawrents should have a clean space with no litter, storing away all sharp and dangerous objects. Create a barrier between the doors, windows, and balcony so the little one cannot accidentally run away. Try not to move big furniture around too much, because blind pets rely on their mental layout of the house as a reference point. Moving the big furniture might cause a lot of confusion. Make their lives easier by creating a stepping stool for them for areas with different levels, such as the stairs. Other than that, you can also entertain them with sensory stimulating gadgets such as toys, or even hide snacks around the house! 

Paw friends that have a hearing impairment 

Taking care pets with audio impairment should be trained to understand a sign or body language. Ensuring that they’re around supervision for their own safety. 

Collars and leashes should be used when we take them out to explore the world! Remember: Don’t let them run away too far because then they wouldn’t be able to see the commands. Another extremely important thing to add is that, pet parents should not approach pets that are deaf when they are sleeping. Because they cannot hear, they can be startled when they’re suddenly touched. This can cause distrust and fear. Instead, try slowly approaching them, or placing a bowl of food near their nose to wake them up. 

Pets that have gone through amputation

Animals that have lost their limbs can live completely normal life after treatment. There are also prosthetics available so it’s easier for them to continue living their everyday lives! Exercise and staying healthy is still important factor for the little ones. 

Pet parents should give importance to their body weight because being overweight can cause unnecessary strain on their joints. Regular low-impact exercises can help their muscles grow strong and help them move around easily. Avoid vigorous exercise that might cause any further injuries. Other than that, creating ramps for surfaces with different levels, and investing in an orthopedic bed can also help them feel better with quality rest during their sleep. 

Friends with trouble walking and moving 

Pets can become partially or fully paralyzed from medical conditions, age, and even the environment. Pawrents can make their lives much more convenient by creating a space that is accessible to everything they need. Use nifty gadgets like harnesses, slings, or even a stroller to assist them around. Some treatments can help them gradually improve their condition, such as acupuncture and chiropractic care. 

Although these pets are not fully able-bodied, that doesn’t mean they can’t live a full and fulfilling life! The most important thing is that we have to be ready to meet all of their needs and beyond since they will need extra TLC. In Thailand, there are so many disabled pets that are still waiting for a forever home. There are also several non-profit organizations where you can help donate your time, money, or even supplies 👉 6 Things you can donate to pet shelters

Lastly, we would like to remind all pawrents that you should not forget to prioritize and take care of your own health too! Although your furry friend might be disabled in different ways, their hearts can still feel ours. If we are stressed or sad, they will also feel that way. Take care of them by first taking care of yourself, so you can both fully be happy as a family!

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