Top secret products for your pet’s dental health

Taking care of your pet’s oral hygiene is more important than you might think. Neglecting your pet’s dental well-being can result in illnesses and diseases we might not even be able to imagine! Brushing the little one’s teeth might seem like a tedious task, especially if you have to do it every day. But you’re in luck! Here are some items to help you take care of your pet’s oral health! 🦷🪥

Tooth & Gum Wipes

Let’s start off with basic items like wet wipes! But what’s special about these is that they’re specially made for your pet’s teeth, making them a great tool for pawrents who are on the go. Just simply wrap it around your finger, and brush away! Some brands even go as far as making it in your finger’s shape for a super-convenience experience. Never use normal wet wipes to “brush” your pet’s teeth, they’re not meant for our furry friend’s mouth!

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Tooth & Gum Wipes

Wet wipes for Tooth & Gum

This product helps with the accumulation of plaque, tartar, and overall bacteria that might cause unpleasant breath. Make sure your pet has a fresh and minty breath with the mint flavor! With no added alcohol and parabens. Great for pets ages 6 weeks and over. 

Dental Foam

A special item to help with taking care of your pet’s oral hygiene. You can just pump the foam out onto your puppy’s teeth and gums! Just leave it on for 10-20 minutes without washing or brushing it off. Minty fresh breath, as easy and convenient as that!

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Clean Breath Dental Foam

Cleansing foam for dogs that’s full of natural extracts
With negative ions that help with reducing bacteria and stains on your doggos teeth.
Other than that, this also helps your dog’s enzymes in their digestive system too!

Water additive mouthwashes to reduce bad breath

These products will help your pets breath smell amazing! With special enzymes in the mixture, help reduce bacteria that causes unpleasant breath and excess tartar. Just drop a few of these into your pup’s drink everyday to help maintain your pet’s dental hygiene! This is also a great solution for those hard-to-reach spots. 

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Premium Pet Dental Water Additive

Water additives to reduce stinky breath
Use by dropping small amounts into your pet’s drinking water for minty fresh kisses
Reduce plaque and tartar, all while caring for their teeth and gums!

Snacks and dental snacks 

Other than all the methods you can use to keep your pet’s dental hygiene in A1 condition, their daily snacks and toys can actually help keep their teeth clean too! You can find treats or toys that can help floss your pet’s teeth, whether that would be biscuits, cookies, or stick treats that are both delicious and great for their health! It could be toys made from durable rubber for our dogs, or teaser toys with little figurines for your cats! 

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Kanimal Cat Teaser Toy

Cat teaser toy with a mini football that can help floss your cat’s teeth every time they chew on it! 
No matter what age the kitty is, they’ll have fun for sure! 
Healthy dental hygiene and a rockin’ bod. 

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