Top 5 things all pet parents do

From quirky traits to cleaning after your furry friend, being a pet parent has its own unique challenges. We all know what it’s like to deal with these naughty fur babies but we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Our team at MyFriend has surveyed the office and we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things all pet parents do! How many of these things do you do as a pawrent? 🐾💕

Your camera roll is full of your pet’s photo 📷

Scrolling through the gallery, there are only pictures of your pet like they’re some sort of Instagram Model looking for the best angle! They’re probably doing the most random things when we decide to take that snapshot. Your selfies don’t even get to shine as much as your pet does.

Most days, you’d rather stay home and hang out with your pet

Sometimes you even make up excuses to avoid social interaction. Meeting other hoomans can be exhausting! But you know for sure that hanging out with your fur baby won’t drain your social battery.

Your pet has over 5 nicknames 

Even though you have a real name (and maybe a full name) for your furry friend, you probably call them by their “pet” name instead. There’s even research done that states that these nicknames indicate affection! There’s no wonder why we keep coming up with new names. Just don’t change it too often so they can still remember their official name! 🤣

You feel trapped when your pet is napping on you!

Even when our legs are cramping up, it’s practically illegal to move. This is an unspoken universal law that all pet owners understand. You just can’t disturb their adorable restful nap! 🥺

You either have contemplated making an Instagram account for your pet or already have one

After all, no one’s pet is cuter than your own. Sharing is caring and everyone should see how cute your pets are! Maybe a chance to get that bag and become like one of these TikTok stars.

All of this is probably because we all think our pet is the cutest pet in the world! And these are the top 5 things we do as pet lovers here at MyFriend.

So, did we miss anything? What are some of the things you do with your pet? 🤔

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