Meet MyFriends!: the Hive ThongLor

Ever get bored of your workplace? The same scenes, people, views… Sometimes we just need something a little different to reignite that spark! Maybe we just need a new atmosphere, activity, or even a new group of friends.

the Hive Thonglor is a Co-working Space that gives you the same experience of working at home comfortably with your pets! All while making new friends and being productive. They also host a variety of events and workshops members can check out!

Today, MyFriend is taking you all to get better acquainted with the space. We’re here with Kanyawee ‘Poy’ Kasiprakob who is the manager, and Cathrin ‘Cat’ Ballmer, the community associate at the Hive, who are here to talk about the behind-the-scenes of the hip and chic co-working space in Thonglor!

Remarks: the interview was done on the 27th of August 2022

Please introduce yourself and where we are now

Poy: Hello, I’m Poy and I’m the manager here at the Hive Thonglor Sukhumvit 49. We’re a coworking space.

Cat: I’m Cat, the community associate at the Hive Thonglor

Poy: We’re here at the International Dog Day Fair event!

What happened to Cat’s face? 

Cat: Dog events also have kids visiting right? We have a playing corner on the G floor, and the kids are probably bored of painting plaster so they painted my face instead!

Poy: Today, with it being International Dog Day, families have gathered and brought their dogs and their kids! That’s why we have a designated painting zone for kids, and a free zone for the dogs to run freely.

Can we bring our pets to the Hive? 

Poy: the Hive has always been a Pet-Friendly Co-working space. We let our members who have dogs, or other pets come in. The majority of the time, it’s limited to your personal office zone, or the open area zone so they can roam. Or in another case, there are also Service dogs or Service Pets who are also allowed, since they are trained.

Are there a lot of events happening here? 

Poy: Today, we set up an International Dog Day Fair and we want to let everybody know that our Co-working Space prioritizes furry friends too! We also want to create a community around this since many members have dogs.

Cat: the Hive always has events! We always try to find events that we can do for our community, whether that would be the members or the overall community area. International Dog Day came just in time, so we wanted to set it up! Because we know the Thonglor community has a lot of dogs.

Who are the people in the Hive community?

Poy: Because we’re a Co-working Space, our community is mostly people who work in this area or who work directly with us. Around 80-90% are foreigners who are in Thailand. They might be a start-up, or expats who don’t have a big enough community themselves yet. the Hive prioritizes connections, so we started a community between members and try to have events so people feel like this isn’t just a place to work, but it’s also your home.

Anything else you’d like to share with the audience? 

Cat: Follow MyFriend! I think it’s a great platform because sometimes we don’t know where to find accurate information, but there are people who created a platform with everything in it! That’s why you should check it out. Also, check out our Co-working space at the Hive. If you’re bored of your house or workplace, or you just want to find a new community, even find new like-minded friends, come visit!

Poy: As for the Hive, we’re not just a Co-working space, but we are a community that wants everyone to join us!

MyFriend would like to thank Kanyawee ‘Poy’ Kasiprakob, Cathrin ‘Cat’ Ballmer, and the Hive Thonglor for inviting us to showcase our app by hosting a booth at the International Dog Day Fair. Not only that, they welcomed us with the ultimate hospitality! We gotta say, this place is the co-working space to be, with a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a workday! And of course, the best highlight of all: you can bring your pets to hang out here too!

Meet new hooman and paw friends here at the Hive, and follow any updates on upcoming workshops hosted at the venue on their Facebook: the Hive Bangkok and Instagram: @thehivebangkok

Until we meet again, have a pawsome day!

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