5 of our favorite classic horror movie pets

It’s the spookiest month of the year! Lock your doors and welcome this Halloween season by binging Halloween classics. 🎃

Not sure what to watch? Here are some of our favorite furry friends from horror movies 🎥 to give you some inspiration! 

Cujo – Cujo (1983) 

Photo credits: CinemaBlend

When we talk about the most iconic pets in horror movies, Cujo is obviously the first on our minds! In the film, Cujo the well-known St. Bernard turned crazy from contracting rabies and went on a rampage, killing anyone (and everyone) who came near him. Based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel, it’s no wonder why the movie is considered a cult classic.

Winston Churchill – Pet Sematary (1989)

Photo credits: CinemaBlend

Of course, Stephen King always takes the cake when we’re talking about horror. In the movie Pet Sematary, the British Shorthair named “Church” came back to life after a tragic accident, but not as the same cuddly and playful friend the family remembers. 

Precious – Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Photo credits: Screen Rant

It’s no mistake that the director Jonathan Demme, chose Darla, the cute fluffy Bichon Frise to play Precious, Buffalo Bills’ companion in the film. Precious’ innocence and adorable look only make the events in the film even more horrifying. 

Lester – Halloween (1978)

Photo credits: Dread Central

Moving on from the antagonist pets, Lester is the good boy we don’t deserve. The German Shepherd taught us to trust our furry friends and their warnings! We do have to give you a heads up, Halloween is a heartbreaking watch for dog lovers. 

Chips – Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Photo credits: Creepy Catalog 

We’re ending this list with (pawsibly) the goodest boy, Chips from Dawn of the Dead! He completed his mission and attempted to save a fellow friend from starving to death! Chips deserve all the treats in the post-apocalyptic world!

There you have it! Our top 5 pets from horror movies to welcome the spooky season.
Does your favorite horror movie have any pets in them? ? Let us know!

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