This dog’s favorite word is “murder”

Saying “walkies” or even the sound of plastic bags might perk your little pooch up. Each pupper has trigger words that are associated with their favorite activity!

The now famous Mav, a three-year-old Golden Retriever gets excited when he hears the word “murder.” 🔪😵

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Photo credit: TikTok @mavandmel

As a true crime fan, Mel, Mav’s hooman mom, didn’t take much time to find out Mav’s favorite word. As stated on the Daily Paws, some speculate it’s all about the tone! Since we tend to use our baby voices with our fur babies, Mel insists, “It doesn’t matter the tone of voice I use—I can say it as blandly as possible and he’ll still get excited and sprint off.”

Going viral with over 11 million views, many came out with theories as to why Mav gets so excited over this word. We found one Redditor who came up with the most plausible reason! They stated that:

“The term “Murder” is a less common command for hunting dogs after prey has been shot and killed. The command usually means for the dog to search for the shot animal. Primarily used for birds, but other animals can be shot and run pretty far from the original distance before dying.”

But a Golden Retriever as a hunting dog??

Photo credit: TikTok @mavandmel

We still have our doubts. But we’re sure that the only murder Mav’s doing is with his killer looks! 😎

Other than the word “Murder”, we’ve found many commands that the pawrents of Reddit have accidentally taught their fur babies! Here are our three favorites:

This phrase is a favorite for many of us when we accidentally drop something. User KestrelLowing says it so much, their dog instantly starts looking for whatever they’ve dropped on the floor! 😂

When user juwnaynay88 and her husband are going to leave the house, her Australian Shepherd instantly knows it’s time to go to the crate! Talk about accidental conditioning 🎮

User the_buttler’s dog is definitely the owner of a polite girl! Every time they say “excuse me!” their clingy pup instantly knows it’s time to scootch away.

What about you? Does your puppy have any favorite commands?

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