Meet MyFriends!: Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok & CRAFT

Throughout these long periods of social isolation and remote work, life can feel a little dull. 😿 Spice things up with a change of scenery, in a place that will welcome your pet like they would a family member!

MyFriend is taking you all to meet our friends from Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok, a five-star hotel in the heart of Bangkok providing you with the best pet-friendly experience there is. Take your furry little one out to socialize and make new friends during a staycation without worry! Why? Because you can sleep in the same room with each other. 🐶🐱💖

Please introduce yourself and where we are now

My name is Angun, I’m an employee here at Kimpton Maa-Lai as the Service Excellence Team Ambassador, and I’m also the Pet Buddy here at the hotel.

What was the inspiration behind making Kimpton Maa-Lai pet-friendly?

Originally, the founder of the Kimpton brand, Mr. Bill Kimpton, has a beloved pet name Chianti. He had a goal of bringing Chianti on vacation, and even for work. Because Chianti was like his best friend, and also his inspiration. That’s why he wanted a place that welcomes pets, whether it would be in the hotel lodging area or the restaurant zones.

Please tell us more about Pet Privileges at Kimpton Maa-Lai

So Pet Privileges would be the different amenities we’ve provided. This includes within the hotel room, beds, water and food bowls, and even snacks as a welcoming gift. It’s not just humans who get welcome amenities. We also have snacks as a greeting gift also, or some households have cats as pets instead, so we will provide toys to help them relieve stress in a new environment.

Can pets stay here overnight with their parents?

Yes, they can. Pets can come into Kimpton and spend the night. No matter which room type, they are welcome to stay here. That’s why we want to encourage all pawrents to bring their furry friends!

What pets are allowed or not allowed at Kimpton Maa-Lai?

In terms of which pets are allowed, We’re actually quite welcoming and we don’t limit any species. We’re inclusive of all sizes, ages, and breeds. One thing we do ask is for the pets to not be aggressive or venomous, other than that, all pets are welcomed at Kimpton!

Are there any rules to strictly follow? (Pet Policy)

Yes, in the public areas, we ask for the pets to be on a leash at all times. To protect other pets that might be of a different species or breed, to make sure every pet is safe. Within the hotel room, we also have a waiver form for pet parents to sign. It might be about hygiene and cleanliness. When your pet goes to the bathroom in the garden area, we ask pet parents to pick up their waste. We have a form that you can fill out at the reception area, and waste baggies available throughout the park.

The weirdest animal checked in at Kimpton Maa-Lai

The most unique would have to be a Raccoon. The little guys with those eyes and tails. I saw them hanging out with the dogs too. I’ll have to say, a Raccoon was the most unique pet. At first, I thought a bird would be the most unique because we’ve had a guest who brought a big bird, but Raccoon would be the newest addition.

Can we have a pet’s birthday party at Kimpton?

Yes, we also have birthday party services. Pet parents can bring in their furry friends to celebrate their birthdays. In the past, we’ve met a hamster family. This is the second year we’ve had this service, and also the second year the hamsters have celebrated their birthdays with us. We also had parties for bunnies too. There’s not just one, but multiple pawrents who bring in their fur babies to celebrate.

We have room decorations services also. It would be something similar to a birthday cake, but not a cake. It would be something they already enjoy eating, so we’ve got that taken care of. We don’t just take care of humans, because in reality, the word pet is much more than just a pet, they are members of the family. That’s why we give them the same care.


A good night’s sleep doesn’t mean anything if your belly isn’t full of good food! 😋 And the same thing goes for your furry friend. There’s is nothing you will have to worry about when you bring your pet in for a staycation together because, at CRAFT, they make sure to treat your trusted companion like a fellow family member! 😸🐶

Special menus for hoomans and for fellows with paws, claws, and more! 😎 Let’s get a glimpse into the idea of CRAFT and what makes them the go-to hang-out spot for cool pawrents. 🦝🐰🐹

Please introduce yourself and where we are now

Hi, my name is Mike and I’m the manager of CRAFT. We are currently at CRAFT at the Kimpton Maa Lai Bangkok Hotel.

What about CRAFT? What is the highlight of this place?

I will say CRAFT is considered a pet-friendly social hub with green open space, and we also sell specialty coffee and crafted beverages. We’ve been recently written as one of the best restaurants to go to for the best Asia award, for Travel + Leisure, we’re on it!

Do you have any special menus for pets?

Pets can come here and enjoy gourmet menus, especially cooked by our chefs. The most popular dish for dogs would be “The Best Friend’s Beef” which consists of minced beef, crushed peas, and served with brown rice.

For cats, we have “Cats Love Tuna” which consists of crushed tuna and brown rice. To finish off, we also have pet-friendly ice creams, which we teamed up with 4 Paws and A Pair, which offer 100% natural ingredients with no additives, no preservatives, and no flavoring for pets. We recommend the “Lickin’ Liver Pate” flavor, and also the “Minty Fresh Doggy Kiss” which were proven to be the two favorites for the guests that come here.

Are there any recommended dishes for Pet Parents too?

As much as we love pets, we also love pet parents too. Here at CRAFT, we serve specialty coffees and crafted beverages for pet parents as well. The most popular dishes on our menu would be our All Day Breakfast menu, which serves bacon and egg rolls, and also for healthy options we have avocado toast, which is two of the favorites here.

Is there anything you would like to say to the audience?

For those pet parents with pets or even the ones without pets that like to be around pets, CRAFT is the place to be. We look forward to welcoming you all.

If you’re looking for a place to wind down, have a birthday celebration for your pet, or just to have good food, Kimpton Maa-Lai is the place for you. With the rich and green atmosphere, spending the day walking around can feel as relaxing as a spa day! Bond during a staycation together with your lovely pet, all while enjoying the ultimutt pet friendly atmosphere at Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok.

Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok

Tel. +66 (0)2 056 9999

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