Trick or Treat! Halloween treats & snacks from local businesses

What comes with the creepiness of Halloween? 🤔 Parties and delicious treats! 🤩

Let’s savor this tradition by buying these pawsome snacks that the MyFriend team recommends! We’ve selected our favorite snacks for your furry friends made with love from local Thai brands!! 

We have to say, these places have compiled the best ingredients, safe for your pets to snack on every occasion! Some of these brands have special Halloween-themed goodies that are only available in October too! Let’s take a look! 🤩


Our first recommendation is a cute and quaint home-made-DIY style snack from PAWS N’ CLAWS. Pawrents can order freshly baked soft biscuits straight to your door for any festivities! In the name of the spookiest month of the year, PAWS N’ CLAWS has a special Halloween Set with delicious peanut butter biscuits decorated with your favorite spooky theme! The icing is made from yogurt, mixed with natural vegetable and fruit powder. No added preservatives or extra sugar, and looks absolutely furrbulous! You can also add a cute message to the biscuits. Other than that there are 5 soft biscuits with special decorations especially made for Halloween! Grab yours before they run out!

4 Paws and A Pair (IG: @4pawsandapair)

Because not only hoomans enjoy ice cream 😋. Pamper your pup with gourmet ice cream from 4 Paws and A Pair meticulously constructed from nutritious ingredients with no added colorings, scents, or flavoring! Guaranteeing deliciousness for anyone who gets a taste. 4 Paws and A Pair has four main flavors your pet will definitely fall in love with including Carbonara Gelato, Lickin’ Liver Pâte, Minty Fresh Dog Kiss, and Happy Tummy. Menus aren’t just limited to these four pawsome flavors, since they also have season-special treats too. We gotta say, from the ingredients to flavor, these ice cream cups will be the ultimutt gourmet experience!

Doglicious (IG:

A popular doggie treats brand that looks so good, we, hoomans, mistake it as our own snacks. 🤭 Doglicious also has a new menu for the creepiest month of the year called “Cursed Corn” in the concept of the classic Halloween candy corn, but for our little furry friends to try out! This cute little triangular snack is made from Snapper fish fillet, pumpkin and turmeric, packed with nutrients such as protein, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, beta-carotene, and vitamins to help boost your dog’s immune system and intestinal health! 🐶 Not just safe, but there are immense benefits for your pup. Yummy and delicious? Who can resist?! 🧛

Merloh’s Kitchen (IG:

For anyone who are addicted to snacks from Merloh’s Kitchen, they have a special Halloween promotion so you can fully start the party, and get turnt! Let’s enjoy the celebration with Halloween Haunted Duck Set. That includes duck tenderloin, heart, and gizzard for your paw friends to enjoy! Of course, as a homemade brand, the food is delivered as Single Protein for the little ones to get all the nutrients they need to grow big and strong! Merloh’s Kitchen is where all the healthy pawrents gather!

Howlroi Bakery (IG: @howlroi.bakery)

Last but not least, Howlroi Bakery has snacks for your fur babies, full of baked goods and ice cream! Made from quality ingredients, whether that would be from meat, vegetables, and fruits, you can practically taste the love. This Halloween, there is a special ice cream flavor dedicated to the spooky season called “Crimson Crime” which is a liver mousse in the form of a refreshing ice cream cup! There are also other ice cream and cookie flavors you can pick for your pup to cool down in the Bangkok heat!

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