What’s real and what’s not?! 6 Pet myths debunked!

Hoomans are creatures of meaning. When we see things that are unexplainable or inherently meaningless, our creativity runs wild! That’s why certain superstitions, myths, and legends stick to our minds. This bias within us can make it hard for us to separate the truth and fiction 🧠😵. Let’s debunk these common pet myths and misconceptions!

Dogs howl when they see ghosts 

Have you ever had chills down your spine when you’ve heard a dog howl? Do they have a sixth sense? 👻 The reason why our four-legged friends have such fast reactions to things is that they can see in the dark, and their hearing is over 4 times better than us hoomans. Plus, our canine companion’s nose is 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than ours! So it’s possible that they might see, hear, or detect scents we’re physically unable to, and howl as a response 👀

Black cats are bad omen

There are so many different beliefs surrounding black cats. We all have a built-in bias that stemmed from various media such as movies, books, and even social media about our black feline friends. This also includes the complicated history of Black cats and their association with witchcraft. Making the thought of “black cats mean bad luck!” an automatic assumption for many of us. In reality, black cats are as charming and adorable as any other friend! Many cultures actually think that these guys are lucky too! Even in ancient Thailand, black cats were believed to bring good luck to their owners 🖤

Dogs love bones

Ever since fried chicken came into existence, we’ve been giving our leftover bones to our dogs 🦴. Our trusted companions are not complaining either! They seem to love it but wait a second ✋. Just because they don’t seem to have any troubles, doesn’t mean that it’s okay! Our dogs love everything we give them, but animal bones can be too hard on those pearly whites! Sharp edges of the bones can cause serious damage to their digestive system, and over-consumption can cause constipation! If you want to give leftover bones to your dog for dental hygiene reasons, then consider dental treats! They’re designed specifically to help remove plaque buildup for a minty fresh breath. 🍖

Cats can survive any fall 

With the reputation of having nine lives, everyone all over the world praises the cat for their amazing survival skills! Especially when they jump from astonishing heights and land with grace, continuing their kitty mission with no harm done. In reality, cats can do this because of a special system consisting of the Vestibular Apparatus located within the kitty’s eardrums! This system helps with their impeccable balance and orientation! Added with their four legs that help them deal with the landing impact, minimizing overall damage. Although they have these nifty built-in agility gadgets, you still have to be careful with cats falling! If any of us are living in tall buildings like condos or apartments, with an open balcony, try using a protective net to keep your kitty from  Because despite surviving the fall, damage can be done to their bones and internal organs. 🐈

Dogs feel guilt 

One thing that makes us fall in love with dogs is their ability to “talk” to us! When we’re happy – they’re also excited, and they always seem to know when to console us. When we catch them in the middle of something they shouldn’t be doing, they make this adorable, and hard-to-resist face! So we assume they feel guilt, but in reality, they don’t really know what they are doing. They just know that if they behave this way, hoomans will forgive them! It’s really a lesson in classical conditioning after all 🐶💖

Cats don’t feel any emotions

Many of us hoomans assume that cats don’t feel any emotions because they’re stoic animals. In reality, they experience basic emotions (such as fear, anger, sadness, and happiness, and most importantly, love)! Just as dogs and babies feel towards their caregivers. According to a study done by Oregon State University, 2 in 3 cats out of the 70 feline participants exhibited secure attachment styles once they reunited with their owners, after a short period of separation. This tells us that beneath the too-cool-for-school and apathetic exterior, they actually have so much love for us! 

Even in 2022, these pet myths are still floating around. Whether it would be the myths of (cool) Werewolves, or (good) omens from a black cat. 😸 We can finally prove these theories and myths, so we shouldn’t forget to fact-check ourselves, and challenge our own beliefs! All while making sure our furry friends are happy, healthy, and having fun this spooky season! 🎃🕯️

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