Meet MyFriends!: Grace – Chichanun Intarasomboon with Toby & Desty

Why do we have pets? Modern pawrents don’t have pets for convenience or practical reasons like catching mice or guarding the house anymore! But the reason lies closer to the heart so that us hoomans see them as a companion, and a friend 💗. The Human Animal Bond Research Institute found that over 80% of pets did help their  pawrents feel less lonely and less isolated! 

Today, MyFriend is with Chichanun ‘Grace’ Intarasomboon, a business owner and the former influencer of Instagramwith her two Scottish Fold kitties! Toby and Desty came into Grace’s life during her university years. A simple beginning from being a condo cat to help ease the loneliness, into fellow beloved family members.

Let’s listen to this story of a mother of two (cats) in the full interview!

Please introduce yourself and your feline friends.

My name is Grace, Chichanun Intarasomboon. I was an influencer, but nowadays I’ve started my own business. I have 2 Scottish Fold cats, one long hair and one short hair. This is Toby, our white Scottish fold who is a 3-year-old male.

This is another one, called Desty. Name came from the word “destiny” because when we first met, it was like love at first sight. Went to pick her up at Don Mueng!

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what breed I wanted. I just wanted a cat and I was scrolling through Twitter when someone was posting about them, and I wanted a tabby, because I heard people saying tabbies are the street cats of other countries. In my mind, street cats are super affectionate. This guy is just like that! Just as I wanted.

Why did you decide to become a cat parent?

I started taking care of cats during university. I was living in a condo and I was lonely, so I really wanted a cat. I thought that sneaking a cat into the condo was fine because they’re quiet!

I really like dogs, but I can’t handle them. Because of the noise, as for cats in condos, it’s so much easier! So it was an option I had to consider.

Are there any activities you enjoy together? 

When I get home, we love to cuddle! Every time I arrive, they will call for me in front of the room.

Are there any tricks you’ve taught your kitty?

Cats are very similar to humans. They have an ego so it’s a bit hard to train them, that’s why I never really did. If there is then I’d say running on the treadmill so they lose a little bit of weight! Because the tabby loves to eat, the vet recommended for her to run and exercise sometimes. There’s a trick, like using lasers so they will run!

Has Toby and Desty ever had a naughty moment? 

Honestly, the tabby (Desty) isn’t naughty at all. Super polite. Whereas this guy (Toby) is super naughty! Toby is a male, and I think we neutered him too late, so till this day, he still sprays everywhere! And the sofa is shredded. If his bathroom is a little dirty, he’ll immediately have an attitude. And he always pees on the sofa too! We usually have a sofa cover, but we have to wash it because he peed on it.

What’s the best memory you’ve had together?

For the tabby, or Desty, it will be when I’m crying. When I’m stressed, or recently had an argument, if I’m crying alone in my room, Desty will come and give me so much affection. As for the white one (Toby)? Every morning he will come and give me love, but I don’t know if it’s because he’s hungry or misses me. Toby will come near, like waking me up. This guy loves people, and will always be near them.

Anything you’d like to say to the audience? 

For those who want to have pets, no matter if it’s a cat or dog, or anything, please think it through before you decide. Are we financially ready, do we have enough time for another life? I don’t know how other people take care of their pets, but for me, I think they’re another life. Another member of the family. Think about it first, if you are ready or not.

Because the bond between a pet and their owner is so special. The connection, love, care, and friendship that is cultivated through the good times and the hard times is irreplaceable. They’re not just a companion during lonely times, but a big part of our lives. A member family that is always there, waiting for us to come home every single day 💖

MyFriend would like to thank Chichanun (Grace) Intarasomboon, Toby & Desty, who welcomed our team into their homes with open arms. Giving us insightful, entertaining, and inspiring thoughts about having a furry feline friend; coming from the cat mom herself!

Until next time! Meoooow 🐈

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