Meet MyFriends! Marie Broenner & Friday the Samoyed

Throughout the seven days of the week, who doesn’t like the weekend? It’s the only night we get to freely express ourselves and relax to the max! 

Tipsy Tuesdays is a restaurant born with a unique idea – for everyone to enjoy and relish in good food and fun drinks all throughout the week. No need to wait until the weekend to get Tipsy! Made for those who love western style breakfasts, with an all day (and night) breakfast menu! Oh also, did we mention they’re pet-friendly? Welcoming all of your fur babies to relax in the air-conditioned room as a break from the Bangkok heat. 

Today, MyFriend is with Marie Broenner – actress, model, and the owner of Tipsy Tuesdays with Daniel ‘Danny’ Blessing. Marie will talk about the fun times shes had with this unusual concept accompanied by Friday, the fluffy beloved Samoyed, who has Instagrammers (and our MyFriend team) gripped by the heart!

How did the journey of you and Friday begin?

I took Friday in because it’s always been my childhood dream to have a big dog. I’ve always had smaller dogs, so bigger dogs that you can wrestle with, or a travel companion were always my dream.

I’m co-parenting with Pitt (Pitt Karchai), so we take care of them together. He actually also really wanted a big dog. I personally dreamt of having a Golden Retriever, but he’s taken care of one before. That’s why we wanted a new breed instead.
He wanted really big dogs, like the Giant Alaskan Malamute, but I feel like the Alaskans are prone to illnesses. We did our research and didn’t want to take care of a pet for 4-5 years for it to fall ill, and suffer with them.

So that’s why the Samoyed doesn’t have many breed-specific illnesses. They also have a lot of energy, with great personalities! Just like the Golden Retriever, but they hold out a bit more.

What’s your favorite activity together?

I take her to the dog park every day! For her to run, meet friends, and all that. Normally, we go to DOG PARK 49 right here in Sukhumvit 49.

What is the best memory involving your pet?

I took Friday to Chiang Mai. We went to the mountains and there was no one there! We just let her run wild without the leash, sort of like we went hiking with her in the cold. 

What about this place, where are we now? 

Right now, we’re at Tipsy Tuesdays. A new restaurant in Sukhumvit 49 and we’re pet-friendly. Personally, I wanted a place where we can bring dogs, on days like today, where it’s super hot. We can bring our dogs to cool down from the heat.

Why did you name it Tipsy Tuesdays and your dog’s name is Friday?

There’s actually nothing related. (Laugh) Tipsy Tuesdays came from the thought that, on Tuesdays, a work day, we can still get tipsy. We don’t have to wait until Friday or Saturday, we can get Tipsy any day of the week.

Friday’s name is Friday because her dad was born on a Friday. That’s it.

Are there any recommended dishes or signature menus?

Honestly, I will recommend the breakfast menu. We serve breakfast all day. Like, all day, even if it’s 9 pm or 10 pm so it’s really all day. If I had to recommend it, it would definitely be the breakfast board. It’s breakfast that you can DIY and pick and choose. 

How often do you bring Friday to Tipsy Tuesdays?

Quite often, I always brought her here. She loves it behind the bar, and the staff is so loving to her too, always giving her ice because she’s a dog that loves ice.

She has a thick coat and easily gets hot so that’s why she has loved ice cubes since she was a puppy.

Would you like to say something to viewers?

Check out Tipsy Tuesdays! Also, when we’re looking for a breed, find one that suits us and our lifestyle. I often see this in Thailand where pet parents can only take care of half their pet’s life, because of the unpredictable issues. Just because we think, hey! They look cute and fluffy, but we have to understand that having a pet is a long-term commitment. Do your research about the breed and their personality. Is it compatible with yours? Do they have too much strength or energy? How much exercise do they need? Just want us to do our homework before we take in a furry friend.

MyFriend would like to thank Marie Broenner, Friday the floof, and Tipsy Tuesdays who sacrificed their time and space for this interview! We would also like to give a shout out to the professional Pet Snap Studio Thailand who came to collect these wonderful moments with Friday! 

If anyone wants to indulge in good food within a chill atmosphere, Tipsy Tuesdays is the place to be! Welcoming everyone (including those with paws too 🐾). Follow Tipsy Tuesdays and feel free to send in a message for any questions you may have on their Facebook and Instagram @tipsytuesdays.bkk

Tipsy Tuesdays Sukhumvit 49
Open everyday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tel. 082-826-5566

Paw you next time! 🐾

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