6 Most affectionate cat breeds

When we hear the phrase “Man’s best friend” we often think of dogs. In debates against who is more affectionate and loyal, dog lovers tend to win. We tend to forget that cats can be affectionate and loving too, just in their own language. 

Each cat is different. Depending on their personality, age, hunger levels, and even breed. Despite their stereotypical calm, cool, and collected manner, they can be just as cuddly as our puppers.

Coming home to dogs, we’re used to happy jumps, tail wagging and all the kisses!  Comparatively, coming home to cats can feel a lot less eventful. Being a pet parent, we wonder, does my cat love me like my dogs do? The answer is “yes!” they just show it in a different way. Dogs are social creatures and they’re used to being in a pack. On the other hand, cats are solitary animals. They tend to be more independent, which explains why they seem unaffectionate at times. Reality is, they just have a different love language than dogs.

How do cats show their affection to their hoomans?

There are many ways a cat expresses their love for you. Eyes are the window to a cat’s soul. If you’ve ever caught your kitty staring at you and slowly blinking, it’s their way of telling you they love you! Slow blinking shows you that they’re comfortable, relaxed, and happy! Feel free to return the “cat kisses” to your furry friend. 😳

Face rubs and head butts are also another way they show their love. Your cat has scent glands on their face. So when they’re trying to rub their face or head butt you, it’s their way to leave their scent. This way, they are proclaiming to the world, “this is my hooman!”.

Another way they show their affection is by exposing their bellies near you. All of their vital organs are located there, leaving it as the most vulnerable area. If they are rolling around and exposing their belly near you, know that they trust you.

Six most affectionate cat breeds

Burmese cats are active and playful kittens. Regarded as one of the most affectionate cat breeds, you won’t have to worry about cuddle time with these guys. They’re people-oriented and very loyal, to the point where some pawrents call them clingy! Playful and full of energy, you’ll find that they are also full of love and affection. 

Siamese kitties are not just a pretty face. Pet parents who love playing with their cats will love the Siamese. They love the spotlight, so make sure they get all the attention they deserve; or else there might be a scene! Make sure they’re happy by keeping them active and entertained. 

Scottish Fold are of course, known for their folded ears and stonky limbs. Not only their adorable appearance, their personalities are also full of love! They adore the company of having people around, making them perfect companions for families. 

Persians are known for their glamorous long hair. They tend to be quiet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love the attention! Naturally gentle and soft-spoken, the Persian kitty loves to nestle up to the hoomans they trust.

Ragdoll cats are great for first-time pawrents and families! With “puppy-cat” as a nickname, they’re big and cuddly with caring personalities. If they’re being picked up by their trusted owner they will go limp! Hence their adorable name. The Ragdoll won’t hesitate to flash their baby blues to ask for some cuddle time. 

Maine Coons are giant cuddle bugs! Known for their size and impressive coat, they’re also one of the most affectionate cats. These gentle giants have an easy time adjusting to different social situations. Loving the attention but never demanding it, making them the unproblematic queen we all love.

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