Meet MyFriends! Dog In Town Cafe – Chananporn ‘Por’ Prateeprasen

Life in the city can be taxing on our mental and physical health. Even if we try our hardest to have a work-life balance, sometimes there’s still loneliness that lingers. If there are any pet lovers out there, whose heart is yearning for something to fulfill it, check out Dog In Town – Dog Lover’s Cafe where your heart can replenish itself!

Today, Meet MyFriends! are meeting with Chananporn ‘Por’ Prateeprasen, the owner of Dog In Town Cafe. A place where we can heal our hearts, this place is a dog cafe that comes with the cutest dogs with the cutest names.

Please introduce yourself 

Hello! My name is Chananporn ‘Por’ Prateeprasen. I’m the owner of Dog In Town Cafe and we are now at the Ari branch.

Why did you start Dog In Town?

I first intended to start this business to help city dwellers relax. It could be from taking care of animals, but it’s just that city dwellers lack the location and time. That’s why we wanted to build a place so Bangkokians can come to relax with our dogs. We then started the dog cafe so people who live an urban lifestyle can meet the doggos without responsibility. We take care of them, and you just come and play!

Why are these adorable doggos named after train stations?

The concept was that we wanted a dog cafe in the city area, that’s why we named it Dog In Town. Then we wondered, “how should we name the dogs so that it relates to the cafe name?” That’s why we named them after all the train stations. Because it’s memorable! Names like Phra Kanong, Ari, or Ekkamai, something like that. They’re names that we’re already familiar with. That’s also another unique aspect of our cafe.

What’s the best thing about being the Dog In Town Cafe owner?

Honestly, we love when customers come in and play with the dogs. Everyone approaches them with love and care. Customers come in because they really love dogs. Customers give them kisses, hugs, and all sorts of affection. This makes us feel like we are providing people with a place of relaxation, and it’s definitely something we’re happy about.

Are there plans for a new branch or any new services?

Honestly, we’ve done everything. It was just not the right target, that’s why we just focused on the cafe. But we have other services like dog shampoo, perfume for puppers, and there are other products for your dog.

Where can we follow Dog In Town?

You can follow us through Facebook and TikTok. Just type in Dog In Town Ari or Dog In Town Ekkamai. If it’s on Instagram, you can find us at @dog_in_town.

Anything else for the audience?

We invite all dog lovers! We have two branches, in Ekkamai and Ari. Come and play with the dogs! If you ever need to relax , feel lonely, tired in life, or just looking for a happy little break. If you want cute pictures or just come with your friends. Any situation, our staff and our dogs welcome you. Thank you so much!

In a cafe that’s full of happy doggos, and happy customers, we can definitely tell you that there is never a dull moment. For city dwellers who are always in a hurry, wind down and relax with all the adorable fluffy clouds at Dog In Town Cafe. 

Our team at MyFriend would like to thank Chananporn ‘Por’ Prateeprasen, the owner of Dog In Town – Dog Lover’s Cafe who welcomed our team with open arms. We would also like to thank the lovely staff that dedicated their time to answer our questions, give recommendations, and of course; the train-name puppers who were world class entertainers – who were so good at entertaining us, our team almost got carried away!

If you want to know more about Dog In Town, you can read our review in our PAW Picks column, or watch our review on TikTok @myfriendyourpetsapp today! 

Dog In Town – Dog Lover’s Cafe

Entrance Fee 350 Baht (1 Free Drink, No time limit!)

  • Tel. 088-946-4942

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