Meet MyFriends! SIRI HOUSE – Tina Blackmon

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could chill in central Bangkok with tasty modern comfort food and beverages, and our fur friends can also enjoy walking around on a leash?

Today, MyFriend is with Tina Blackmon, a public relations representative from SIRI HOUSE, a social club in Chidlom that welcomes everyone. She is going to tell us about the inspiration behind making this place an open space for people and their pets!

Could you please introduce yourself and this place?

I’m Tina, and we’re here at SIRI HOUSE for our pet-friendly weekends.

Do normally pet parents hang out here a lot?

Yes. Actually, SIRI HOUSE is a very popular place for pet parents. It’s one of the pet-friendly places in Chidlom, right in the heart of Bangkok. So, parents love to bring their pets, their dogs, their cats, and their bunny rabbits. Sit out here in the garden, and enjoy the day with their pet, from Monday through Sunday.

What’s the inspiration for making this place pet-friendly?

Well, at SIRI HOUSE, we’re quite an open place and we do welcome everything and everyone. I think the idea of becoming a pet-friendly place was a very simple idea for us, a lot of the owners at SIRI HOUSE are pet parents. So, it’s a very easy decision.

Are all pets allowed to be on the leash all the time?

Sure! So, at SIRI HOUSE, usually, we ask that the pets are on the leash, but as long as you’re watching your pet, making sure it’s not disturbing anybody else, they can walk around a little bit.
However, we do want to make sure that everybody is safe, and all the pets as well. Because you’ll never know what’s going to happen, right? Pets just want to say “Hello”, sometimes it’s not a nice hello.

Are there any extra rules while bringing our pets here?

Clean up after yourself. Clean up after your pet. We asked that the pets don’t sit on the table, but a lot of parents, especially Pomeranian parents, like to have a little photo of the dog on the table. That’s okay, but maybe not a good idea to put a husky on a table. (Laughing)

Can dogs swim in the pool?

We’ve had quite a number of dogs jump in. It’s quite alright. It’s not quite a pet pool, because it’s also a human pool, but we have quite a number of dogs. It gets very warm, so we understand.

Do you guys have any special menu for dogs or for pets?

Specific menu, a food menu that is dedicated to pets at the moment, we do not. What we do have, is a cocktail menu that we’ve partnered up with Tito and Soi Dog. Any profits from our Tito vodka cocktail menu go towards supporting the Soi Dog Foundation.

Will SIRI HOUSE have any events for pet parents soon?

Absolutely! We’re looking forward to a couple of events. We’re having to work with Tito and Soi Dog very soon.

Lastly, do you have anything to tell our audience?

Well, come join us here at SIRI HOUSE. Bring your pets, and make new friends. It’s a great place. It’s in Chidlom, it’s an easy stop.

MyFriend would like to say thanks to Tina Blackmon and SIRI HOUSE for being a good friend of ours. Always providing us with the best location and delectable cuisine for our first Meet MyFriend’s Brunch, as well as being kind to everyone’s tiny paw buddies! Let’s share some more memories together at SIRI HOUSE!

For pawrents who want to take your pet to wind down in a beautiful garden or chill in an indoor cafe without sitting in a stroller all the time, come to SIRI HOUSE!

14/2 Soi Somkid, Ploen Chid Road, Lumphini Subdistrict, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok, 10330
Tel. 094-868-2639

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