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The section is called Meet MyFriends! How could we not mention such an amazing friend of ours?!

Today we’re very excited to introduce you to Jane Holloway, dog mom and the owner of snacks for pets, ‘Nudie Treats’. Nudie Treats is an excellent gluten and meat free pet food, it’s completely organic! Health-lover pawrents are going to looooove this for sure!

Let’s get to know our lovely friend through her loving stories of how being a dog mom led to creating a brand for healthy pet treats!

Please tell us about Nudie Treats

Nudie Treats actually came about from owning a French bulldog. He was having a lot of skin allergies and a lot of gas. So I was looking for how I could address the problem without focusing so much, or using too much medicine. I wanted to look at food as medicine, I researched a lot and I started cooking and baking and that’s how ‘Nudie Treats’ came about because I wanted to focus ingredients on skin, hair, and gut health. As a result of my treats and also changing his diet, he no longer needs to be on regular antihistamines. He has really good digestion and no longer has gas, which is a really big deal for a French bulldog.

How did Nudie Treats come about?

So Nudie Treats came from giving it to my dog. I then started sharing it with friends, and from sharing it with friends, they also suggested: “Well, why don’t you start to sell this?” Because there could be more dogs or pets that would be interested in this. And this is sort of how I started up this brand. I also expanded it to using fish as well because I also wanted to be inclusive of cats, to also have some sort of food and snacks that cats could enjoy as well.

Could you please tell us about your inspiration behind the recipes?

It’s the same base for all of them. So there’s always coconut oil, which is really good for skin and hair and also gut health. And then I use rice flour, because one, it’s really nutritious and two, there are some dogs that are allergic to wheat and so I made a dog treat that’s gluten free. Then there’s always eggs. Eggs are also super nutritious, full of vitamins. I only use cage-free eggs. Those are the three main base ingredients.

Then I will always add either a type of vegetables or fruits, and a super food. So like, for instance, Pumpkin, I add turmeric in it. For the Coco Banana, this is primarily bananas and then I add cinnamon. For Blueberries, it’s blueberry, banana and cinnamon. And then I also have Spinach, which is spinach, brown rice and flaxseed. So I choose ingredients that are super healthy and super nutritious.

Can we expect more flavors or product ranges soon?

Yes, it’s in production. I’ve come up with flavors that include beetroot, that include chia seeds. Maybe there’s some kale, seaweed, and strawberries. These are kind of what will be in the upcoming flavors that you can look forward to.

Please share your quick and Easy DIY Treats for Dogs 

So what I love to do for my dog is actually a watermelon. Watermelon is super good for dogs and it’s really good, even for humans, right? To cool down. So either if it’s a really simple one. I just have watermelon cut in the fridge, so it’s super cold. And when my dog comes back from a walk, I’ll feed him watermelon.

For an extra treat, I’ll take the watermelon, I’ll blend it. Maybe I’ll add chamomile tea or you don’t even need it. But then I put them into molds and I freeze them, I freeze them into small little dog bone cubes. I feed it to him after he comes back from his walk and he loves them. He goes crazy for a whole lot of frozen watermelon. It’s super refreshing. Even I take some! When I eat it, I share it with him too.

What is your dog’s name and breed?

My dog’s name is ‘Diego’ and he’s a French bulldog. We were watching a lot of Mexican or South American cartels, like drug cartel movies during COVID when we got him and when we first got a picture of him, he had this gold chain on, and he looked like a dog cartel, like a dog in home of a cartel boss. So that’s how we came up with the name Diego. He’s also the inspiration for my logo as well. My logo in English, you pronounce it as nudie, but in Thai I pronounce it as ‘Nhoo Dee’. So it’s like “good dog”. So that’s why I think it emphasizes that “If you’re good, you will get treats!”

What is it like to be a Pet Parent?

I don’t have children, so he’s my baby. He requires a lot of time and attention. If I’m not giving him attention, he will get up to some sort of mischief. It’s always good to have treats around, so that he stays in line and is well-behaved. Because when you bring out the treats then he calms down and he’s more likely to listen to me.

So I find that it’s really important to have a well balanced dog, that you really focus on their health because when you focus on the health and nutrition of a dog, they have a good life. And it also means you don’t need to spend so much time at the vet or spending so much time investing in medicine. So I like to think of it that as a pet mom, I want to invest in my dog’s health. So I really focus on what I feed him.

Where can we find you on social media?

So you can find Nudie Treats on Instagram. It’s just @nudietreats. And also on Facebook as well, so you can just send us a direct message to order.

Thanks to Jane for being such a lovely friend to us, and giving us an interview! Today, we’re feeling so inspired by Jane for being a very dedicated and caring business owner of Nudie Treats as well as a loving dog mommy who only wants what’s best for her baby!

If you’d like your pets to try some good homemade treats, find Jane and Diego on Facebook and Instagram: Nudie Treats!(Available in Thai and English)

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