Fight Climate Change with Cat Litter: Zeolite from cat litter can reduce Methane in the air

We know that climate change resulted from human activities, which created global warming. Yet we continue to promote activities such as industrial plants, transportation, livestock, and more activities that emit greenhouse gasses (GHG) that absorb infrared radiation. These gasses raise the average temperature of the atmosphere.

Although we are aware of the global warming situation, we are still trying to figure out how to slow it down. Now, we are one step closer to our goal. There is a discovery that ‘zeolite’, a common substance used in making cat litter, can help reduce methane in the air!

According to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) experts, adding copper to zeolite makes this new chemical capable of converting methane to carbon dioxide. The procedure “illustrates the possibilities of employing low-cost, earth-abundant materials to attenuate methane and slow the pace of climate change,” according to the research paper.

Even though carbon dioxide is the most well-known greenhouse gas, methane can absorb 30 times more infrared radiation than carbon dioxide. It has a significant impact on our planet.

Due to the enormous volume of methane released by the fossil fuel industry and livestock, the next challenge for MIT scientists and engineers is to design a machine or equipment that can transform methane into carbon dioxide before it enters the environment.

Let’s stand by all the researchers and help save our planet from global warming with our own hands and paws! 🤲🐾

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